Fashion Industry On The Verge Of Revolutionary Changes

Are you the type of person, who attempts to keep up with the latest fashion tends? If so, you should be prepare for some big changing set to hit the industry. These changes will truly revolutionize the market and they could have a direct impact on consumers throughout the world. First and foremost, it is nearly impossible not to take note of the upcoming revelation from Poshmark. This company, which is widely known for buying and selling women’s accessories, clothing and other fashionable goods, is already gained quite the reputation. Although they’ve only been in the game for a short stint, they’ve already managed to attract one and a half million sellers.


The company primarily specializes in clothing resale and gives consumers the ability to sell their unwanted fashion items through a convenient mobile app. The big news is the fact that the company has managed to raise twenty five million dollars, during their recent fundraising season. Unsurprisingly, Poshmark is gaining successful in more ways than one. They’ve managed to entice 1 in 50 American women to begin selling on their site. They’ve also developed a social media-like platform, which has proven to be a success. Although Poshmark appears to be one success story, others within the online fashion industry haven’t been so lucky.

In fact, the online consignment marketplace, Threadflip, just closed their doors in January of 2016. The website, which was previously referred to as the “Netflix for Fashion”, faced extensive competition and was eventually forced out of the business. With sites such as Vinted, Tradesy, Yerdle, and Depop, Threadflip just couldn’t compete. However, Poshmark may be a diamond in the rough. With the company’s recent fundraising and their popularity with American women, their future definitely looks bright.

Sharia Friendly Fashion


Another major trend, which is emerging out of Europe, is Sharia-friendly fashion. With immigrants pouring into Europe at record numbers, fashion experts hope to be able to capitalize on the influx, while also delivering fashionable items, which abide by Sharia law. The Marks & Spencer retail chain, which is immensely popular throughout Britain, has begun to market a brand new swimsuit for Muslim women. The full-length swimsuit, which has taken on the moniker the “burkini”, is designed to allow Muslim women to maintain their dignity and modesty, while giving them the ability to dress fashionably and show off their style.

Unfortunately, the move has been met with criticism from some. Supporters of the new outfit admit it allows Muslim women throughout Europe to feel liberated and better blend into the region. On the flipside, detractors feel that the outfit actually enslaves women that follow Islam. Despite the backlash, Marks And Spencer stands by their decision and intends to continue selling the swimsuit. In fact, they’re not the only British store that hopes to cash in on their new Muslim shoppers. House of Fraser has also decided to release its own line of burkini clothing. How the attire will be received remains to be seen, but it could very well be a sign of things to come.

A Family-Friendly Fashion Show

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Those within Palm Beach County will be happy to know that the fourth American Girl Fashion Show is right around the corner. The event is scheduled to take place in the coming days and will feature young girls from the area’s local high schools. Local girls ranging in age from 4 to 13 will be modeling some of the clothing, which has been featured on In fact, the event is expected to bring over 120 local girls throughout Palm Beach County to the area. The event hopes to shed light on the way American Girls express themselves through their own unique fashion style and personality.

For parents and older attendees, the event will include a Barnes & Nobles bookstore, as well as an American Girl souvenir shop. Raffle prizes will also be given away to some lucky attendees. The event is associated with the Literacy Coalition and hopes to increase the awareness of the less fortunate, within the area.

A Bright Future

Truly, the fashion industry is taking a change for the better. More and more people and companies are getting involved and these changes could push the industry to new heights. The political aspect of the burkini may also bring about new attention to an industry, which has already turned heads for so many years.

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