Feeling Under Pressure? Here’s How to De-stress and Relax at this Time of Year


This time of year is high pressure all round. We’re reaching the end of the working/tax year, and Christmas is looming, which we all know is one of the most expensive times of year. There’s also that constant pressure to feel jolly and enjoy the season with family and friends, which can be difficult to do if you’re feeling a little highly strung. The financial, emotional, and working pressure can, at times, feel overwhelming for people – and instead of being able to sit back and enjoy this time of year, they end up doing the polar opposite. If you’re feeling the pressure of the season and could do with unwinding a little, then here’s how you can ensure you de-stress and relax at this time of year.

Look for the Hassle Free Way

A lot of the time we feel so much pressure to get things done, that we forget to step back and look for an easier way.  If you’re one of those who for whatever reason gets involved in a extra stressful situation, like selling your house during the holidays,  a prime example of doing this would be looking into using this service when selling a house.

The problem with this, is that people tend to stigmatise the easy way of doing things, and refer to it as “lazy”, when in fact, it’s really just being efficient.

Take Christmas shopping for example. Does the thought of traipsing around the shopping centre, weighed down by countless bags and the worrisome thought of an empty bank account fill you with dread? Yep, us too. Which is why looking for a hassle-free way is ALWAYS advisable.

In this scenario, instead of going out to do your festive shopping, why not try going online this year? So many people do their regular shopping online nowadays, because it’s a fast and easy alternative to going out and doing so. Why should Christmas be any different, really?

So long as you do it advance, you could actually save money by picking up the best bargains, AND have all of the goods delivered in time for the big day, with no hassle from required. Possibly the best part is you can do it from the comfort of your sofa, with a hot chocolate in hand and a Christmas film in the background. There’s really not a more relaxing way to get the shopping done.

Forget being “Perfect”

A lot of people feel under so much pressure at this time of year, because they feel as if they need to make sure it’s “perfect”. A lot of this emotional pressure can be blamed on marketing techniques and consumerism, where all adverts seemingly promote the most perfect festive season anyone could imagine. Basically if your dinner isn’t exquisite, the kids don’t love every gift and there isn’t an inch of snow outside – you’ve failed.

The fact is, however, that this couldn’t be further from the truth. Sure, you want to have a nice day, but forget perfect! When you think about it logically, Christmas is just another day in the calendar year – so why should you feel under pressure to make it anything but that? Sure, it’s a little different because of the traditional celebrations we all partake in, but if you burn the potatoes, so what? If your aunt gets too drunk and starts an argument about politics, so what? If you couldn’t afford to get your little one the latest iPad this year, so what?

All of these things are small in the grand scheme of it all, and the most important thing to remember is to enjoy the company of those around you. It’s not what’s under the tree and on the table, and it’s not about being the picture perfect family. It’s about being real, and loving the people around you for who they are, and what they bring to your life. That’s what Christmas is all about.

Avoid the Hangover

Last of all, but not at all least, why not try skipping out on the hangover this year?

Yes, we know Christmas is the time for over indulgence – and that also includes alcohol for a lot of people – but if you’re feeling stressed and are struggling to cope with the festive season, trying to do so on a hangover will just be even worse.

No one is saying go T-total if you don’t want to – have a glass of bubbly with the family, or finish your night with a soothing Baileys if that makes you happy! All we’re saying is don’t feel under pressure to keep up with everybody else. Enjoy the festive season in your own way, and you’ll feel less stressed for it.