Female infertility causes and cure:

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Female infertility is a term defining the condition when a woman is not able to conceive due to underlying causes such as ovarian cyst, polycystic ovaries, endometriosis, fibroids, etc. Most of these are genetic or natural occurring disorders due to genetic schemas.  Here are some fact to help understand female infertility.


Polycystic ovaries disorder is an endocrine disorder which produces the more male hormone in the female body. PCOD is becoming the major cause of fertility issues in a femaleThis excessive amount of male hormones or androgens produced in the ovaries will prevent the normal development of egg cells. Some of the common PCOD/PCOS symptoms include:

  • Excessive facial hair
  • Hyperthyroidism
  • Hair loss
  • Hair in chest
  • Irregular periods or painful periods

Ovarian cyst:

Cysts or tumors in ovaries prevents pregnancy. Women with ovarian cyst can seek medical advice and get the cysts removed. Though the cysts may grow back, it will take years before which a normal delivery is possible. Most people which ovarian cyst, after the removal of cyst seek an IVF treatment for better results.

Thyroid Problem:

Thyroid affects the overall health quotient of the body. It will cause an increase in weight on a rapid scale. Being overweight can interfere with regular period cycle and cause problems like pcod.


This is a very common condition where uterine tissues are found in the pelvic region. This causes bleeding which leads to inflammation and irritation. Endometriosis damages the ovaries and even blocks the inside of the falopian tube. Women with endometriosis will lose sexual urges and will be constantly suffering from abdominal pain. All these affect the normal chances of getting pregnant and causes infertility.


Most of the women nowadays give more preference to career over marriage. Hence they always try to buy more time before marriage. The average age of getting married has increased in metros. Even if they are married, most of the couples postpone pregnancy. This causes complications in pregnancy and most end up opting for an IVF.

Poor Lifestyle:

Due to stress and depression most of them take the help of drugs like alcohol, smoking, and other oral drugs. They eventually get addicted to the usage. There is a growing trend in the number of working women who drink due to stress, peer pressure and as a lifestyle choice.

Unexplained infertility:

In this case, the reason for infertility cannot be determined. The doctor will thoroughly examine both the partners in this case. But the reason for infertility cannot be determined. When a person is diagnosed with unexplained infertility, the best possible solution they seek is natural therapies. They try to be their body to natural balance and try for conception again.  If you are infertile there are many ways you can get around it. For example you and your partner could always try IVF, IVF is one of the most popular options when you are unable to have children, check out harley street IVF clinic for more information on IVF and it’s advantages.

The above are the predominant causes of female infertility. Infertility is never gender specific, hence it is advised that both the partners consult with the doctor and get themselves counseled over infertility causes.

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