Fièra Review – Does this concealer work on aging skin?


I’m always very skeptical about seeing these types of products advertised online, but I gave it a shot and I absolutely love this concealer by Fièra. I’m older (aren’t we all?) and it actually works for my skin, keeping it hydrated, covering spots, and helping to conceal my winkles.

I’ve been looking for a product that is actually designed for older women, and I like how Fièra’s advertisements actually use women over 40 as models and all the products are scientifically designed for older skin (with ingredients like hyaluronic acid and hydrolyzed collagen).

In the past I tried so many high-end brands and I found that they always dried my skin or leaked into any fine lines on my face. This concealer not only covers up the marks on my face caused by sun damage but it also doesn’t set in any fine lines, which is what I’m the most excited about. And this concealer doubles as a foundation, so I’ve been using it for both. It does come on a little thick but it blends very smoothly, and a little goes a long way. Once it’s on it doesn’t feel like I’m wearing anything and my whole face has a lovely glow.

Who is Fièra

At first I was reluctant to order because, like I said, I’m wary of these products advertised to me online. I’m always nervous that it’s a scam, or it won’t work, or that it’s a cheap product from China. But their customer service was very responsive and helped answer all of my questions, and their website is very informative and filled with reviews.  I learned that all of Fièra’s products are made and shipped from the United States, which is very important to me.  I also learned that the reason they only sell online is because it greatly reduces costs (apparently shelf space in stores is quite expensive) so they are able to price lower and partner with a charity: for every concealer sold they donate a meal to a child in need through an organization called Second Harvest.

Are There Adequate Color Options?

I was also concerned about picking the right color since I couldn’t try them out before ordering. Thankfully I was spot on when I ordered Neutral Beige, but the customer support had assured me that if I wasn’t happy with it I could return it for a full refund. I didn’t have to do it, so I can’t comment on what it’s like to return anything through them, but so far I’ve been very happy with my interactions with customer support. Placing my order online was straightforward, and it arrived at my house in 4 days.

My Order

I ordered the Beauty Bundle because it comes with the concealer, the finishing powder and brushes for both products. I ordered it especially for the dual concealer and foundation.  But I ended up loving the finishing powder! I had never used one before, and now I can’t imagine doing my makeup without it. It helps keep my face on all day, and takes away any of that oily shine I get and just makes my skin look and feel flawless. Between this and the neck cream my skin hasn’t felt or looked this good in years!

I’m very pleased with Fièra and will be ordering more from them soon. I do recommend starting with the bundle, it’s very good for novices like me who do not have the right brushes and have never even considered a finishing powder before. I give it a thumbs up!