Financial Tips And Loan Options For Female Entrepreneurs

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Female entrepreneurs have multiplied in great numbers over the past ten years.  The invasion of women into the white-collar workforce has made it easier for ladies to obtain the necessary access to capital it takes to keep a business growing and moving in the upward direction.

Though talent and passion are imperative to success as a female business owner, the access to available capital often provides crucial support during slow or fast-growing times.  Take a look at a few solid financial tips and loan options that will provide the necessary funding for female entrepreneurs.

Business credit cards have their pros and cons

 Instead of obtaining a traditional loan, owners have the ability to access more capital through a business credit card.  Business credit cards offer several benefits.  They typically have higher credit limits than conventional cards.  Business accounts also boost the borrower’s credit rather quickly as long as all payments are made promptly.

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Research and explore financing options

Reading this article is a great first step.  Do not try to go into business ownership with a blind eye.  Be competent in the full array of financing options to best decide how to plan for the future.  Try seeking out lenders that have programs that are unique to women.  Some banks offer lending options specifically designed for female entrepreneurs.

Connect with other women in business and build a core network of colleagues.  Women who have already experienced the growing pains of running a business can offer invaluable practical advice.  Women should always lift up other women.

The United States Small Business Administration has a networking platform for over 100 business centers around the states with a sole purpose of assisting female entrepreneurs.

Also, consider becoming a part of the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO).  The organization offers valuable one-on-one professional development programs and other tools aimed to help women find the funding they need to grow their businesses.

Loan options are extensive

Depending on the lending bank, there are several different options when it comes to acquiring a loan.  Here are just a few of the various options, along with a short synopsis of their function.

Line of credit loans –  This is a short-term loan that basically extends a business owner’s available balance to the upper limits of a loan contract to cover business expenses.  Line of credit loans typically have the lowest interest rates, due to the low risk.

Installment loans – The most traditional borrow and return type of loan.  The business owners receive the funds and subsequently pays a monthly payment, including interest, until the amount it paid off.

Balloon loans – With a balloon loan, borrowers receive the full amount upon signing and then only pay a set amount of interest each month for a set amount of time.  When the end of the contract arrives, the borrower pays the principal amount of the loan in one lump sum.



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