How to Dress for a First Date

First dates are often considered a great deal, and dressing up for a first date can be taxing and confusing at the same time. It’s because you know only two things can happen: You make a great impression or you lose the chance for a second rendezvous. It’s natural to feel the urge to look great and impress your date. But how can you do that? Below are tips on how to dress appropriately for your first date:

Avoid trends and show your personal style

First dates are not the best time to experiment with the newest trends. But, if you feel like it, you can follow your gut. Most fashion experts, however, believe it is best to stick with your style. Spicing up your look for the first date may be a great thing. But, if this first date eventually blossoms into something more serious, you must have the liberty to wear what identifies with you the most.

Only wear clothes that make you feel comfortable

Of course, you want to look stunning and leave your date in awe. However, wearing clothes that you think are flattering but don’t feel comfortable is a recipe for disaster. Just imagine tugging down your mini dress or walking in an awkward manner because you’re wearing high heels – it’s likely your date will feel uncomfortable, too. Comfort must be a priority. When you feel comfortable, you are able to gain more confidence and have more fun.

Look sexy but don’t flash too much skin

Wearing body-hugging dresses may show off your curves and make you look sexy, but it is best to accentuate your assets discreetly. Showing off your assets doesn’t necessarily mean flashing too much skin. Avoid wearing clothes that are too fitted or too revealing. Otherwise, you run the risk of making your date feel embarrassed or uncomfortable. Keep in mind that it’s the first date. Leave some room for imagination, and play a graceful game.

If you’re still undecided, stick to your favorite pieces

If you’ve tried to mix and match a number of clothing pieces and nothing still feels right, stick with your favorites. Almost everyone has clothes that make them feel good about themselves. It may be a flattering dress, nice jeans, or a cute blouse. If you can’t decide what to wear, it is best to wear clothing pieces that you love. The logic here is quite simple: Everything that makes you feel good makes you look good as well.

Wear a nice scent too

Your look won’t be complete without a scent. Smelling good is an important part of dressing up regardless of your gender. It is best to go for something refreshing, sweet, and long-lasting. But, remember to use just the right amount of perfume so as not to suffocate your date (This is definitely a turn off). Also, bring a few mints too!


Knowing how to dress up on a first date can boost your confidence and help you seize the date in style. As a general guiding principle, try to look your best without sacrificing your comfort. While you’re off to make a nice impression, remember that it’s best to stay true to yourself. Let your outfit give your date a hint of who you are as a person, and keep it comfortable and classy.


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