Avoid Fitness Burnout with 10 Quick Tips

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Everyone knows the benefits of exercise, but why do so few people stay active in their fitness routine? Like any task in life, fitness can become monotonous and easy to quit. Stay committed to your fitness goals with these 10 quick tips.

Make a record.

Charting your workouts is a great way to stay on track. Record the date of your workout, how long it lasted and what you did. Better still, record any weight loss goals you may have to see your progress.

Set reasonable goals.

While dramatic goals of pounds and inches are okay, give yourself measurable stepping stones along the way. Remember, fitness is about more than weight. Set goals about how much exercise you want to be able to do.

Make yourself pay.

If you invest in a gym membership or personal trainer, you may find it easier to stay committed. For some people, forking over the cash is motivation enough to exercise in order to get their money’s worth.

Give yourself rewards.

Fitness is a reward, but it is not always enough to keep you motivated. Have other rewards along the way. Maybe it is a new outfit or a night out. Whatever it is you want, use fitness goals to get it.

Look the part.

Invest in new workout gear by shopping for fitness clothes that make you feel good. Try popular brands like Fabletics, which can make you look and feel your best.

Remember variety.

Try new exercises, and incorporate them into your overall routine. If you are always trying new things, you are less likely to be bored.

Have a friend.

Two are better than one when you exercise. A friend can keep you on track, and it can be more fun to train together.

Stay entertained.

For stationary exercises, feel free to read a book or watch your favorite television show. If you are moving around, keep your music player updated with your favorite tunes.

Seek community.

Share your fitness story with others like you. This is easy with the Internet, and fitness communities abound on social media. Use Instagram to post progress pictures, or keep a blog of your workout goals.

Have wiggle room.

You may miss a day of exercise. You may eat too much junk food sometimes. Do not let small mistakes discourage you from your overall goal.




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