Five Job Search Tips For Students

job search tips for students

The job market in 2022 has plentiful openings. That’s good news if you’re a student starting a job search. But while supporting yourself through college is likely your primary concern, you should be seeking employment that adds value to your education and compliments your broader career aspirations. That may take longer and require some creative thinking. Perhaps even a short-term sacrifice. But the long term payoff is worth it.

Here’s some job search tips for students from Ms Career Girl to consider as you seek out a new work opportunity.

Use Online Resources

There are lots of reputable job search websites out there. Some are more focused than others, such as Barefoot Student, that caters to students. You can search for an opening, post your own resume, or search for an internship on one platform.

Don’t limit your search to one or even two sites. While some openings are posted across multiple sites, other opportunities might be exclusive to just one.


At one time, most internships offered on-the-job experience but little or no compensation. That’s no longer true, with over 60% now offering pay. The most important benefit to internships is that you’re also gaining relevant experience. So even if the compensation is lower, it’s likely to give you a boost up the career ladder.

If you’d like additional insights on internships, check out this popular article on Ms Career Girl.

Target Companies of Interest

Even in the middle of your college years, it’s not too early to be thinking about what companies you’d like to work with. While you won’t have your degree in hand, those same companies likely have openings that will allow you to get your foot in the door and make valuable connections. And those connections can make a significant difference when it’s time to apply with your diploma in hand.

Bonus: They might even help with tuition costs!

On-Campus Opportunities

Of course there’s the listings for job openings published by the on-campus placement office. There’s also all those professors you get to see multiple times per week. Why not let them know what you’re looking for?

Virtually all professors have extensive networks, locally and beyond. Even just a name to call on could lead to a great (and off the radar!) opportunity.


Freelancing isn’t just for seasoned workers. And it might be called a side hustle or gig. If you’ve got a skill or talent that’s sought after, you should consider freelancing. Just as with a traditional job search, there are many online resources that help freelancers find work. And freelancing provides flexible time as well as the income you’re after.

Bonus: By developing a portfolio of completed projects, you’re creating an impressive list of accomplishments that just might be the edge for landing that future position.

Have Some of Your Own Job Search Tips for Students?

Do you have any other job search tips for students that you’ve found useful? We’d love to hear from you!

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