Format and Questions Practice of Cubiks Tests

Cubiks tests

Cubiks has designed a wide variety of set tests that are aimed at providing holistically effective HR processes. These tests range from psychometric assessments to skills inventorying examinations. The company has designed these tests to help HR departments globally simplify their processes, especially with onboarding personnel. Here are details on the format of these tests and the type of questions entailed by these assessments that are also used on practice Cubiks examinations. 

Format and questions of the Cubiks tests

Most of the exams Cubik prepares for HR departments have a similar structure but helps the HR team, especially the recruiters, to gain useful insights on potential candidates. The Cubiks tests follow this same format due to its efficacy in drawing more insights about job vacancy applicants regardless of how they took the test, digitally or physically.

Abstract Advanced Test format

The Abstract Advanced test is a quite complex skills assessment test, but the way it has been structured simplifies things for job applicants. This particular assessment assesses your overall skill set as a candidate being considered for a job position. There are various aspects you get tested on when taking this test throughout the 30 questions, which are mostly multiple-choice.

Structure of the Verbal Advanced Test

When you’re being tested with the Verbal Advanced Test, you will be asked to answer questions pertinent to linguistic skills. For example, some of the 36 questions are mostly about grammar, antonyms, and analogies. These questions assess your linguistic capabilities, which extend to verbal cues that are used in everyday conversation.

Format of the General Advanced Test

The General Advanced test is a highly functional assessment aimed at understanding each job applicant in a snapshot. Since it is difficult to crack without practice, it is important to go through the free Cubiks test option. It is formatted to consist of a bit of everything from verbal exercises to numerical questions. The question structure is also formatted to be mostly multiple choice. You need to be extra careful with the questions in this test because some of them could be trick questions.

Numerical Advanced Test questions

This assessment is solely aimed at testing candidates for numerical knowledge and understanding. The Numerical Advanced Test questions consist of simple and complex calculations with answers laid out as multiple-choice questions. It has a total of 20 questions and has the main aim of assessing your numerical and statistical analytical skills.

Preparing for Cubiks tests

Although Cubiks tests could be following a similar layout or structure, it is still very important to prepare well for any of these assessments. This also applies even if you have written one of their tests before. How can you effectively prepare for Cubik tests and get a good score when writing them?

Using practice tests

Practice tests are the most effective way to prepare for Cubiks assessments because they give you an overview of how these tests are. You can get to time yourself when practicing and identifying where improvement is necessary. From then on, it will be much easier to get good grades due to the practical preparations you have done. There are some free Cubiks test assessments you can do in a personal capacity to get yourself ready.

What study guides are available?

Cubiks tests sometimes appear to be designed with the intention of recognizing cognitive and mental aptitude. However, you can still prepare for them by using available study guides and other learning material. These Cubiks learning resources can be found online, and they will assist you with understanding what is expected from your end when writing this exam.

Taking the personality practice tests

In addition to the skills inventorying tests, there are additional assessments that Cubiks has, such as the personality test. The main aim of these tests is to identify your personality type amongst the most common 5. You can prepare for this test by improving your personality, especially if you’re mostly easily irritable. Trying out anger management exercises can help you answer honestly and in a way that will appeal to the employer.

Improve on basic skills

Basic skills play an important role in writing the Cubiks tests because most of them derive their principles from these skill sets. Tearing your preparation for basic numeracy and other mathematical skills can help build a solid base for writing any of these tests. Additionally, focusing on grammatical and verbal reasoning skills will go a long way to improving your overall score.