The Foundations of Fitness – 6 Technological Tools For Improving Your Workout

improving your workout
fitbit improve your workouts

Exercise has long been a part of a healthy lifestyle, and in more recent decades it has become a staple of leisure time for many countries around the world. Sunday morning is no longer for sleeping in, as many people enjoying donning some form of sports technology and heading out for a 100km bike ride, or a quick hour or two at the gym before breakfast. The endorphins released by these workout sessions are a great way to start the day, and the exercise itself is reason enough to motivate yourself to get out there.

Technology has begun to play a big part in these sessions, and in more ways than just one, and to illustrate this point, we have put together a list of 6 technological tools for improving your workout.  It should be noted that these technological tools give a better result if they are accompanied by different aminoacid supplements helping workouts to have better results


Fitbits are a relatively new addition to the wearable tech family, and it’s purpose is entirely fitness based. Fitbits are like watches, and combine the functions of a pedometer, heart rate monitor, and sleep monitor. These small but highly useful pieces of gadgetry have been taking the world by storm in the past few years, and help tremendously with all kinds of exercise. 

Heart Rate Monitor

Heart rate monitors are old news to many people, as they have been reasonably affordable as wearable tech for some years now, but they are still largely useful to many people even now. And heart rate monitors aren’t complex in their functions – they measure your heart rate.  But they are useful for people that have heart troubles, or aren’t used to heavier levels of exercise and need to keep an eye on their heart as their start training harder. Cardio is the best kind of exercise to pair with these devices, as the rate at which your heart beats while you run, ride, or swim is more important than when you lift, squat, or bench-press.

Music Device

This is the most popular wearable tech on this whole list, and there’s a decent chance you’re using one right now while you read this article. Music devices are everywhere. In our phones, our tablets, our watches and even our Google Glasses. Music plays such a large part in exercise that there have been many, many devices created to be shockproof, waterproof, splash resistant, and easily transportable to aid in usage while exercising. Music can help you to make spontaneous challenges to your own fitness levels, to push yourself further within your set time limit, and to make it further through supersets than you previously thought possible. It’s this inspiring effect that makes music a hugely useful tool in any kind of workout, and in any kind of setting.

Smart Watch

Smartwatches are a relatively recent piece of tech that combines aspects of a smart phone with the convenience of a watch. They can relay your music from your nearby bluetooth enabled device, alert you of texts and emails received while working out, and even connect with other family member’s watches from all over the world for instant communication. They also offer the fitness programming of a fitbit, making them even more versatile and useful than before.


A simple, unassuming gadget, the pedometer has been around for a long time. Counting your steps may not seem like a big deal, but tracking the amount of walking, running, and jogging you’ve done in a single day is a great way to figure out how many calories you’ve burned without needing to go through an exercise book worth of math problems first.

Pre-Workout Formula 

Pre-workout powder is usually added to water to make a drink, and then consumed before, during, or both before AND during a workout to boost energy levels and aid in shortening recovery times. Usually high in sugar and caffeine, this drink mix boosts your ability to add extra sets to your workout and push yourself even further than before.

These technological strides have honed mankind’s ability to push ourselves to the brink of our physical capabilities, breaking the boundaries of what was previously possible. Using these to our best ability is key in becoming fitter and healthier, so don’t delay any longer, get out there and become a better version of you.