Fresh Flowers Every Week With BloomsyBox!

fresh flowers
Everyone loves the look and fragrance of fresh cut flowers.  It adds a welcome and cheery note to almost any room in either a business or home setting.  But going out to get them on a regular basis is probably one more thing you don’t need to add to your already busy days.  BloomsyBox has the answer!

Fresh Flowers Delivered!

If you love flowers as much as the average girl, imagine what a treat it would be to have gorgeous fresh flowers arrive on a regular schedule.  Weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly, your favorite blooms delivered right to your door.  And what’s extra nice is that every bouquet they  send includes amazingly fresh, unique, and long-lasting blooms to brighten your day! Each stem is hand-picked from the farm, arranged in stunning bouquets, and delivered straight to your door in less than four days.

No more dull, dry, week-old flowers! Since most of the blooms arrive in bud form, they’re guaranteed to last longer than your typical store-bought bouquets.  And take my word for it, they are indeed beautiful!  They look and feel just like they were just picked from your own well-tended garden.

bloomsy box

Why Fresh Flowers?

Beyond the visually pleasing nature of flowers, there’s a whole lot more.  But it you need to justify the cost to your significant other (or your accountant if you’re doing it for the office), here’s your ammunition.  Taken from studies over the last few years, pulled together some “pretty” interesting facts (pun definitely intended!).  Check out these:


There’s no more need to wait months in hopes your potted flowers will bloom.  You can enjoy  perfect fresh flowers year round.  So check out and add some color to your life!