Getting the Right Outfit for a Friend’s Wedding on a Budget

Everybody loves a wedding. They are a great chance to get together with friends, see a couple cement their love, and, if that stuff is all a bit too schmaltzy for you, enjoy a great party! With wedding season right around the corner, it can sometimes seem like everyone you know is getting married, and while you want to be there to celebrate with them all, it can get a little heavy on the budget going to a wedding every weekend throughout the summer!

The Cost of Being a Guest

Of course, one of the biggest costs apart from travel and accommodation when you go to a wedding (if it isn’t near you) is what you wear. No matter how formal or informal the event, it is still a special occasion and you want to look good. Also, you never know who you might meet there! When it comes to your outfit, you may want to wear old favourites for weddings of co-workers or distant cousins, but really want to find something special to wear when it is a good friend whose nuptials you are planning to go to. Luckily, there are some easy ways to save money and still look great, and like you have made an effort for your friend’s big day.


The easiest way to get a good deal on a nice dress, suit or other outfit for a friend’s wedding is naturally to look in sales, however because most weddings are in summer and sales where you can get really good bargains tend to fall at the ends of seasons, you may not find any hugely reduced, spectacular dresses or accessories in the stores in time. Instead, hunt online. You can use coupon sites like CoupoRando to find really good discounts for all kinds of popular fashion stores, so you may well be able to find the perfect party dress at a discount without the disappointment of a mid-season trawl around the stores.


Going to the charity shop to find great outfits is all the rage these days, and there are even branches of chains like Oxfam dedicated to formal wear and designer labels. Don’t expect to find a red carpet style Versace gown for 50p – the days of those kinds of finds are gone now that shoppers are more savvy – but you may well get an outfit you will love for much less than it would cost new, and for formal wear, many things tend to last longer without looking worn out as the previous owners may only have worn them a couple of times.

While there is loads of advice for brides on a budget, not many consider the cost of attending a wedding for their guests. Look for online discounts or raid charity shops to try and find a great outfit that will help you look the part and enjoy the day without breaking the bank (especially if you have another wedding to go to next weekend!).