Getting Your Business ‘Out There’ As An Entrepreneur

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As an entrepreneur your main goal is getting your business out there. Because you want to sell, you want to thrive. Most entrepreneurs find it challenging to have a clear marketing strategy and make the so much desired sales. In this article we’ll dive deeper into some clear and even unique ways you can use to get your work out there. And the challenge for you is to take at least one of these ideas and use them for your business!

Let’s take a look at what you can use.

 Come up with an elevator pitch

When trying to get more visibility for your business it’s vital you market whenever you can. Do this in a quick and memorable way you need to have an elevator pitch. Explain in a few catchy sentences what it is you do, who you serve and what problem you solve. Having a pitch will make networking events easier, because you can quickly introduce yourself and your business. You’ll grab people’s attention faster and that will give you the opportunity to eventually sell your product or service.


Through networking you come into contact with lots of different people and potential clients. Use this time to talk with others, not only to promote your business but also to learn from their journeys. It is a time consuming task but one you shouldn’t skimp on. A network is like a safety net. Having one is one of the greatest assets you can have as an entrepreneur. You might not see immediate results, but in the long haul you’ll get so much out of it.

Marketing materials

Produce marketing materials to show off your product and business model. Just like having a pitch, having some decent marketing materials is essential. You can get professional business cards to hand out when networking, making it easier for people to contact you later. If you have a product, create a high quality folder to go with it, so customers have more information regarding the product and how to use it.

When picking out a printing service for your business, make sure to choose one that offers you high quality prints. Mixam, for instance, is a great company that will achieve good-looking results for your needs.

Guerrilla marketing

Why stay in the traditional lane with your marketing? Get your business out into the world in a unique and surprising way. Why go for the obvious when doing something unexpected can create a buzz around your work? Get on the street and try to get people’s attention with your product in a way that will make them want to come see. If you have a store, think about designing a unique storefront. The options are limitless.

Come up with at least one idea that you can use to guerrilla market your business.

Use social media

Connecting with your (ideal) customers online is another great way to spread the word about your work. Online opportunities are almost endless. Make sure to use the social channels that fit in with your style and customer base. Take the time to create decent content and use a content plan. By having a clear strategy for your online presence, you’ll be noticed by the algorithms faster and in turn you’ll have a bigger reach.

Furthermore, social media will give you the advantage of staying in close communication with your audience. That way you can get their feedback and take it into account when launching a new product or service. It gives people a sense of connection with your work, the feeling that they have a say in it. Which is great for customer binding.

Give it away for free

What better way to get your product out there than to host a giveaway? It will create a huge buzz around your work and gives the winners the opportunity to test out your product. This in turn will get you some honest feedback which you can use to better your product or to promote it even more. People are more likely to buy when reviews are good. By hosting a giveaway you get the reviews you need to sell even more.

Besides hosting a giveaway, there’s another way to give it away for free from which you can benefit tremendously. Give people a free trial. You show that you have faith in your product and let others have the chance to get that same faith. People are more comfortable to buy something that they’ve experienced first.

These are all some amazing ways to get your work out there. Have you already picked on out to try for yourself? Don’t hesitate to do this and see the great results it’ll have for your business.