Gift Ideas for Your Co-Workers

Having to be in the company of your co-workers at least five times a day, eight hours a week, it is inevitable for us women to grow close and develop an intimate friendship with some of the people that we work with day in and day out. That said, when a co-worker’s birthday comes around, you want to make it as special and meaningful as possible. What are some nice and unique holiday or birthday gift ideas for a co-worker?

First, tailor your gift based on how close you are to your co-worker. For instance, if you are particularly close and you have a knack for creating scrapbooks (alternatively you can pick one up at the store), go the extra mile for your co-worker and make a scrapbook using colours and cut outs that you know he or she would love. Scour your hard drive for photos of memorable events that you, the birthday celebrant and your other colleagues have been present at and stick each one on a separate page with a caption and a note. Be sure to ask people in the office to write a special birthday dedication for your co-worker. This personalized birthday gift is sure to be treasured by your co-worker for years to come.

If your co-worker has more of a practical, type-A personality, he or she would probably appreciate a useful gift such as an office plant or a paperweight. While these aren’t exactly unique gifts, you can still make them a ‘unique’ gift  in the sense that the style or appearance suits his or her personality. For instance, you can pick up a plant that is attractive and alluring and give your co-worker a card stating that the reason you chose that plant was because just as the plant is nice to be around, so is he or she. As for the paperweight, you can make this gift equally special by attaching a note expressing your heartfelt birthday greeting to your co-worker. Using a little creativity, whether it’s a gift for men at work or your BFF coworker, you have lots of options!

Some other practical gift ideas include gift certificates to the spa or discount cards at your favourite place to have lunch together. Tell your co-worker he or she deserves to be pampered after a hard day at work by presenting him or her with a gift certificate to the spa for a relaxing body or foot massage. You can also surprise him or her by footing the bill for lunch or a snack next time you grab a meal together. Sometimes the smallest gestures speak the loudest. If you are especially close to your co-worker and want to give him or a gift that will truly make an impression (e.g. something pricey that he or she has mentioned wanting to have), let your other co-workers in on your plan and you can start a joint fund wherein each person can contribute a specific amount which will total the sum that you need to buy the item that your co-worker wants. This is sure to warrant a priceless smile on your co-worker’s face.

Another unique gift for a co-worker’s birthday is making a video of all of your other officemates giving a short message. This is sure to make your co-worker feel loved and cherished in ways that money cannot buy. The truth of the matter is it doesn’t really matter what you gift him or her with so long as the gesture comes from your heart. Just remember that good or great co-workers aren’t that easy to find. That said every effort on your end should be made to show your appreciation to the ones that you can also call friends.

What are you getting your co-workers this holiday season?  

What birthday gifts have you bought your co-workers in the past?

What are holiday/birthday gifts should you NOT buy your co-workers?

Olivia Nicholas

Olivia Nicholas is a writer and blogger. She is always happy to share her passion for life and experiences through her work, and in her spare time works as a freelance writer for Storkie.