Greater New York City is Calling, Especially Brooklyn

New York City

When someone mentions New York, the things that come to mind are Empire State Building, Chrysler Building, Statue of Liberty and Top of the Rock. While these are the main spectacular sites in New York, many tourists often overlook Brooklyn, which has so much to offer. Most people claim they have safety concerns about the place or are clueless about how to get there or what it has to offer. Well, we are about to change that mindset. Here are some pretty compelling reasons why you need to put Brooklyn in your itinerary while visiting New York City.

Enjoy high quality affordably

New York generally has a reputation for being expensive. There are indeed several insanely expensive restaurants and attractions, but Brooklyn tends to lean towards the more affordable side. Take, for example, the Flea market; they have very quality vintage stuff at manageable price ranges. It attracts fewer tourists; therefore, the mark-ups are less.

There’s affordable and pleasant lodging available, too, such as the boutique hotel Condor NY.  And that’s a great reason to choose Brooklyn all by itself.

Less Hectic

New York is very busy. Walking through Times Square alone can send you to panic mode. You need to get out of this overwhelming surrounding to the more peaceful and tranquil streets of Brooklyn. Despite the vastness of it and population size, it moves at a relatively slower pace compared to Manhattan. Also, it is more easy-going in terms of dressing up for taking strolls. You are free to strut in comfy flat shoes.


Security is a significant concern for most tourists.  Not all parts are safe, but there are areas which are quite okay such as Williamsburg, Greenpoint, and Fort Greene, to mention a few. If you are unsure of where to explore, ask around. People are willing to show you around to change this mentality.  And of course great facilities like the Condor NY always have helpful staff.

It is easily accessible from Manhattan.

Brooklyn is a subway ride away. Some people assume that it is far, but the truth is, getting around in the hectic Manhattan streets is no more accessible. If for any reason you are uneasy with subways, affordable taxis are all over from Lower Manhattan.


If you’re an art lover, then you will fall in love with Brooklyn’s art scene. First off, there’s outdoor graffiti walking down Troutman Street. Dumbo offers a lot of art sceneries as well, and of course, there is the Brooklyn Museum whose art gallery is, for lack of better words, spectacular. And, that is not all, Brooklyn has so much to offer in the arts and creative world.

I could go on and on about Brooklyn’s magnificence but wouldn’t it be better to take a trip down there to see for yourself? While enjoying your stay in Brooklyn, take a walk, interact with people, and make some memories.


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