What Happens Next: The Five Steps Of Marriage Separation

Life after divorce

Marriage separation is never an easy thing, and it can often cause couples and their families a lot of stress. With so many legalities involved, it is all too easy to feel completely overwhelmed during such a sombre time. Since most people in this situation have not been through marriage separations before, it can be difficult to know exactly what you need to do and how to go about doing so. Once you have made the decision to separate, there are a few steps that you need to take. In this article, we will look at the 5 steps of marriage separation, in hopes of guiding you through this rough time in life.

 Come To Terms With Yourself and Your Decision

Separations can sometimes feel surreal. For years, all you know is a life with your partner, and all of a sudden, this has come to an end. Many people get stuck in phases of denial, and thus never give themselves the time they need to come to terms with what has happened. It is crucial that you are open about your feelings with your friends and family, in order to fully accept what is happening in your life. Only then can you move on to the next steps and look towards a brighter future.

The Legalities

The next step is considering a divorce lawyer in Melbourne. It is essential that you source the best legal help that you can afford at such a time in your life. Even if you and your partner separate on amicable and friendly terms, there are many legal procedures that need to be set in place when it comes to filing a separation. A trusted family lawyer can aid you in this and help make the entire process as smooth sailing as possible.

Deciding Who Gets What

If you and your partner share assets or a home, or even children, now is the time to decide what happens in terms of custody, or sharing/splitting of assets. Letting your lawyer know of your decision is the first step in splitting your assets or sharing your children, so always keep in contact with your lawyer and discuss the options available for you. Do keep in mind that the court will take into account things like age, health, financial resources, care of children and ability to earn, so it is best to speak openly with your partner about these things as well, and try to keep things as far from hostile as possible.

The Emotional Divorce

The emotional divorce or separation involves un-bonding romantic and dependent aspects of your relationship, including the process of mourning. This is the stage at which growth and transformation unfold. The time has come to disengage from role definitions, family expectations and emotional bond to your partner. This can be one of the most difficult parts of separation, and is often highly emotional. However, despite this being a very difficult task, it needs to be done in order to move on with your life and accept that one chapter has ended and another one is about to begin.

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Embrace Your New Life

You now have the chance to reintroduce yourself to the world as a single person. Be free, do the things that you have always wanted to do, and mingle with new people. Build your hopes, dreams and aspirations on your own – always remember that you do not need anyone by your side to be amazing. Every cloud has its silver lining, and we guarantee you there is a happy life waiting for you after a separation.


Going through these 5 steps of marriage separation can be a very challenging task, but we are sure that once you soldier on through each and every step, you will come out of this experience a stronger, better person than you were before.

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