Health 101: What Health Issues Women Can Face

Women can experience unique and specific health conditions, and can also be prone to other issues more so than men. But many women are not even aware of some of these common issues, some of which should be screened for quite regularly. So I thought I would highlight some of the health issues women can face, and hopefully make you all much more aware of symptoms and signs to be looking out for.  But take heart, because even though aging brings on some unwelcome effects, you can counteract it with good diet and exercise.  And for an extra health boost, consider some alternative options such as yoga, meditation, and HGH replenishment.

Ovarian and cervical cancer

Your cervix, womb, and ovaries are specific to women, and as cancer can become a problem anywhere in your body, these areas are prone to the disease as well. But, ovarian and cervical cancer can be something that doesn’t become apparent in the way of obvious symptoms until it is too late. So it’s important to go for regular screenings with your doctor, that can identify whether cells are becoming an issue or cancerous. Enabling you time to get treatment before it is too late.

The Menopause

The menopause is something that all women will go through at some stage in their lives. It can begin as early as aged forty and start as late as fifty-eight. This is when your ovaries stop producing an egg and confirm the time where you may longer be able to get pregnant. Other symptoms can include hot flushes, night sweats and struggling with insomnia.


This is when your bones become weak and brittle, and because of a direct link with The Menopause, women are more likely to struggle with this. But there are medications that can help ease the pain, and it worth researching to become more aware of things like Strontium ranelate side effects, as an example.

Eating disorders

While anyone can struggle with an eating disorder of some description, women are more likely to suffer. This might be down to having more issues with self-esteem and self-image. More so than men. Eating disorders could be anorexia or bulimia. But even just having a strange relationship with food could develop into something more serious and has much to do with your mental health.  If you’re not sure what the signs of anorexia nervosa are and are concerned you may have it, you should consult a professional.


Mental health and anxiety issues can become an issue to anyone, but again women seem to struggle with the symptoms and aftermath more so than man. Anxiety can take over your life and be as simple as worrying about the worst thing to happen, the welfare of loved ones or even being in social surroundings. Things like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy can help ease your way of thinking.

Pregnancy loss

Of course, women can only get pregnant and be that they can struggle with all things that are pregnancy related. But I don’t think it;’s discussed enough the issues surrounding pregnancy loss. Not only on your body but also on your mental health.

Fertility issues

Finally, both men and women can struggle with fertility issues in different ways. Women can have problems with cysts on ovaries or even the production and release of an egg. But the anatomy of a woman can be different where a womb has developed differently through birth. Some of these issues won’t be highlighted until you try for s family, suffer from a pregnancy loss, or even during a full term pregnancy.

I hope this has highlighted some of the health issues many women can face in their lifetime.