Why is a healthy workplace so important?

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How-to: Healthy Workplace for Your Workforce

Not many business owners really care about their staff – and if you think that rent of an office building with a required number of tables, seats and computers is the best and the only thing you need to create a sound atmosphere for your personnel, then think again. Yes, such activity always requires some time and money, still, the results will surpass all your hopes and will be repaid in hundredfold. It can be evaluated not just in money, though: the results will be seen in improved efficiency, boosting output, decreasing turnover and less number of absences without leave. Making workplace healthier will motivate your employees to give one hundred percent on their work, they will love their labor and will be motivated to climb the career ladder in your company instead of gaining enough experience at your company and leaving to search for more appropriate place.

So is there a possibility for an employer to organize the working process in such a way that the employees will feel much happier and healthier?

Motivate your staff to develop healthy habits

Pallid statistics provided by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention states that illnesses of employees cost employers of the U.S. no less than $226 billion every year. Some employers tend to raise hue and cry for attending work even if the employee is sick, but such approach is not just illegal but also disadvantageous to the employer as diseased worker is likely to get sick everyone around, dropping work efficiency to zero.

There are some ways to improve the situation and boost employees’ resistance to different illnesses like flus, for example:

  • If there is a catering in your office, exclude junk food and provide healthy food
  • Schedule yearly flu shots
  • If there is a possibility, encourage everyone in your company to participate in certain healthy activities (and be an example!). For instance, you can create a company’s sport team or take part in some charity sports activities
  • Pay attention to safety rules. Never ever try to cut costs on safety measures that prevent your workforce from possible injuries. Apart from repercussions in terms of employee’s injury, your company may suffer from litigation fees and forfeits.
  • Employees should be able to get sick leaves, if needed. Thus they feel supported and protected – as you give, you return, because they will be motivated to make all-out efforts when working for you.

Do not let employees to sit still for a long period of time

In today’s office reality people tend to sit for hours in front of the screen without proper moving. The consequences may be bad: curvature of spine, increased risk of certain diseases connected with constant sitting or standing. Yet, if to break up sedentary times with times of physical activity the possibility of contraction of a disease.

Lessen stress level of the working process

High stress level lessens productivity of employees, as well as depression. It is to your advantage to invest money in the mental and physical health: every dollar spent on healthy working environment will bring you no less than $2.30.

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