Here’s How To Make Filing Employee Tax Forms Easy

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It’s pretty incredible how far technology has come over the past few decades, and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down. The amount of disciplines and fields affected by advancements is staggering, and every year you hear about new inventions that help make human lives easier and take a load off our minds. From transportation to money transactions, there’s no limit to what technology can do and is doing to better our way of life. One area was always a bit lagging behind, though, and that was bureaucracy. You still needed to do a ton of paperwork to get things done in many places, but one thing has been made easier, fortunately, is filing your employee tax forms.

Fill the W-2 form online

Form W-2 is basically your wage and tax statement, and each employer is obligated to complete and give this one out to their employees by the end of January of every year. Then, the employer gives this tax statement to the IRS with each employee’s individual tax returns, and you have to fill this out and give it to the IRS or else your people’s income tax return would not be considered valid. This process usually entails a lot of bureaucracy and you find yourself going back and forth with each member trying to get this done as smoothly as possible, which rarely happens. This is why the technology had to step in to make things a little simpler, and it’s now possible for you to create that form online to make things easier for you and your employees.

Why you should use this technology

As mentioned earlier, the process of getting the W-2 tax forms the old fashioned way and distributing it manually to each employee can be quite taxing and takes a lot of time. More importantly, there’s much room for errors and problems that arise from going about it as you usually do. There are a lot of perks that come with using a w2 generator, and if you do the math and figure it out, you’ll find it’s much easier and simpler for your entire business to use one to file the W-2 form.

When you get the W-2 form online, you allow yourself to operate using a much easier interface that is easy to navigate through, where you can generate the document in minutes and start filling it out. There’s also the option of available instructions online that will help you ensure no information is missing and that you filled out the W-2 efficiently, which is not an option you’d usually get in the normal scenario.

The great thing about the services that give you that option to create and fill in your W-2 forms online is the fact that they’re pretty safe and completely secured, using the latest data encryption to protect the privacy and security of your data so that no one could ever access that information unless you want them to.

Problems you get to avoid

There are actually several common problems that you get to avoid by using the online W-2 generators, and you’ll be grateful once you understand just how bad some of these mistakes can be and how much problems they could cause your business. Common problems include:

  1. Using any other ink, but black.
  2. Using an outdated form from a different year.
  3. Discrepancies with employee names and social security numbers.
  4. Missing deadlines to file the W-2.
  5. Discrepancies with retirement or Medicare fields.

How it works

The steps for this are quite simple really. You need to just download a version of the W-2 document, and after that you’re good to go. You’ll need to preview the document to understand exactly how it works, and then you’ll start filling it out. Now, the great thing about the online W-2 documents is the fact that they come to help. So, you’ll find definitions of what each item means and how you should fill out each point in the form using clear instructions that anybody could understand. Next comes the biggest feature of this technology; using a few bits of information, your tax withholdings are calculated automatically.

Saving time and energy

For an employer, the process of filing employees’ tax returns is never easy, and it’s also quite mundane since it’s something you have to do every year for God knows how many people. You also find that you’re too busy with your own and the business’ tax returns, and you just need to make your life easier. This is why W-2 form online generators are quite the optimum solution. You’ll get to save time and energy by giving those simple tax forms to your employees and contractors to fill, and the tool does the math for you and the tax withholdings for each employee are calculated with ease and efficiency. You can have the entire process done in a few minutes on your end, and then you can send the W-2 form with the proper calculations for your people to fill out.

What goes into W-2 tax forms?

You need to know what else goes into a W-2 form, because there are several pieces of information that should be included there for it to be valid. You naturally need to add in your business’s name, location, and the state tax ID number as well. Then the employees need to fill in their names, addresses, and social security number. Lastly, you need to add the wages of each employee and any other compensation forms.

The W-2 form is a very important document for any employer, and the government needs it to learn how much you’ve paid and withheld from your employees. Your people also need it to understand all information about their income tax, like what goes into their retirement plans and medical insurance. In the past, this process would’ve been a nightmare for both the employer and employees, but now with those online W-2 form generators, the process has been made much easier and you can easily file your entire company’s tax returns to the IRS with ease.