Why Are Home Warranties No Guarantees?

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To understand why home warranties are no guarantee we need to realize that it is a service contract and not an insurance policy which protects us from a loss. Its purpose is to provide service for repairs or replacement of major home appliances such as heating, cooling, plumbing and electrical systems.

Home warranty companies have contracts with service providers. When any of the covered home appliances breaks down, the owner contacts the home warranty company. They arrange to send their representatives who inspect the item and determine if it is covered under the contract. If covered, the article is then repaired or replaced as appropriate.

Having a home warranty does not ensure that the owner will never need to spend anything on the repairs of his or her home. Some damages will not be covered by the purchased warranty because usually, the home warranty companies do not cover the items not maintained as per the planned maintenance schedule of the manufacturers of those things.

In such cases, if the claim is denied the owner still has to pay the service fee of the company.

The owner just has to pay a small service fee in addition to the amount he or she has paid initially at the time of purchasing the warranty.

The companies providing this service don’t fare well in the home warranty reviews. The reputation of this industry, in general, is not that good.

There are so many customer complaints such as delays in response, unsatisfactory repairs and denied claims which in turn lead to adverse home warranty reviews by the disgruntled customers.

To minimize misunderstandings and uncalled for issues it is of prime importance that one makes sure that one chooses the best home warranty company available and thoroughly understands the service contract before one purchases a home warranty.

It is advisable to carefully read and understand what’s covered and what the exclusions are. By reading these two sections, you can have a good idea that this is the policy you want to buy.

Furthermore, other factors such as the reputation, rating, capacity, and quality of customer services of the company should also be seriously considered.

Having any of the services for home warranty lets the clients save lots of money, and their expenses are cut short in repairs.

Lots of packages are available with many companies about the services offered at reasonable rates. Instead of availing one service, clients usually prefer to avail all the services in a package or maximum of them so that they can enjoy best of them at best rates.

Moreover, having these services is also the best recommendation for the people with lavish, expensive systems installed in their homes and for those who need services in an emergency or are staying in areas where getting these services is not an easy task.

Last but not the least; home warranty services are needs of almost everyone, but their availability matters a lot depending on the price they offer along with the benefits for their clients.