Hottest Wedding Tech Trends For 2019

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If you’re like me, you’ve been imagining your wedding since we were old enough to know what a wedding was. You’ve envisioned the dress, the flowers, and the music. Sure, a few details may have changed over the years (you probably don’t want Hanson to play the reception anymore), but the basic idea remains: you want a beautiful wedding that makes you and your intended feel happy and in love.

Well, that time has finally come – congratulations! Now that you’re happily engaged, showing off that rock on your finger and planning your own wedding, you may find that you didn’t plan for exactly everything. Time and technology (not to mention trends) have sped past your childhood dreams, and now planning your wedding looks quite different! How can you use our modern tech to create the wedding your inner child would adore? Here are a few helpful hints:

While You’re Planning

After you get engaged the planning begins, and you realize just how much is involved in planning a wedding. The wedding website is a great way to keep all the wedding details streamlined and keep your guests informed of the important details.

Designing a wedding website is easy and the benefits are huge: your guests can RSVP there to give you a quick and easy headcount, you can alert friends and family to any changes as the planning progresses, and you won’t have to field a million phone calls from relatives who lost the invite and forgot where you’re registered. This frees up your time so you can take a break – or delve into more detailed plans!

On The Wedding Day

Wedding videos are a lot more detailed now than they were even a few years ago. Advancements in camera technology mean that you and your spouse can cherish the memory of your wedding day from just about every angle.

Want to see things from the bride’s point of view? Stick a GoPro camera into your bouquet and take it with you through the ceremony. Interested in a bird’s eye view? Drone cameras are a great way to see your wedding from a unique perspective. Talk with your wedding photographer and videographer before the big day. If you put your heads together, you’re bound to think of some incredible shots that you’ll love to look back on.

Preserving The Memories

We’ve already talked about how you can preserve memories from the professionals, but what about all the photos from your guests? Thanks to smartphones, everyone at your wedding will have their own shots celebrating your big day. Wouldn’t you want to check those out too? Who knows – there may be a hidden gem among them. This is where the wedding hashtag comes in handy. With one simple phrase, all the photos from your friends and family are grouped together – and just one click away.

You should create your wedding hashtag early one in the planning process. Ideally, it should include both names of the couple, the date, and either the word “wedding” or something that alludes to the occasion. Puns work, too! Then, post signs around your venue reminding everyone to use the hashtag. Once you’re back from the honeymoon, a simple tap on your phone will unlock all the amazing photos from your wedding day.

It’s fun to bring your wedding into the digital age and have fun while doing it!