How a Business Education can Empower Women to Get to the Top of their Industries

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A business education can empower entrepreneurial women to get to the top of their industries by re-invigorating their CV.

With a CV, not only can you see a list of skills and experience, but also the education of a candidate – these are all things that employers look for to make sure you’re going to be a valuable tool for their business.

It Gives you More Support and Edge

At most good establishments there will be support groups which encourage support, Hult International Business School has groups like this aimed at students who are women.

Taking an MBA that is going to drive up your skills, in particular skills that will help you get ahead in your industry – a good example here being tech or digital – is going to drive up your salary as you will be filling a gap more than the standard employee will.

Another great reason to take an MBA at a top business school is because you will meet other women on the MBA that will have a like-mindedness to you and above all, they will understand your struggle.

It will probably be the case that your fellow peers will be taking an MBA for reasons that are not too dissimilar from your own too, and because of this you will be able to lean on each other, learn with each other and support each other.

Tutors and Mentors

That support can go even further though, and extend as far as tutors and mentors. It will be likely that they have worked in the industry that you’re studying for, and so they might know a thing or two that you either don’t, or do already but are yet to have that practical experience that they have got under their belt.

This kind of mentorship from those in the industry or have been in the industry is an inspiring incentive to get going on studying an MBA, because it helps to see how those on the other side of it have done and are doing since taking their own MBA.

It will also help you see the kind of skill set you need to develop in the here and now, as well as the future.

For example, hearing about the trials and tribulations of somebody else’s experiences will help inform you of the skills you need to get ahead in your life and industry as a professional.

It makes sense then, especially if you run your own business, that a top-class business education can help you brush up your skills by giving you support to be a better business owner or employee.

It Bridges the Gender Pay Gap

As the gender pay gap also continues to loom over women in many industries, it is imperative that no stone is left unturned when it comes to giving yourself a good chance to earn more money.

The reason as to why the gender pay gap exists can be expanded upon in countless articles, but the reality is that to mitigate this unfortunate circumstance the best power we can utilise as women is a top business education at a top establishment to beat the boys.

And although it might seem unfair, it is arguably something that men have had to do for centuries anyway – for example the men would be educated in a family if that family could only afford to send one child to a top school, and the choice was out of three daughters and one son.

Although this does not make it any less sexist, there were just different socio-economic factors at play then which still affect us now.

It Gives you Specialist Knowledge

If you can find a business course that is geared towards a specialist subject within your industry then that’s even better than a standard business course, because then you not only become a valuable tool, but you then become an invaluable asset.

Knowing things nobody/not everybody else knows in your industry is going to get you further in your career simply because you have specialist knowledge which can take you and your business ahead of the rest.

It Gets you Further

Developing specialist business skills also helps you attain respect in the workplace which will benefit your career in the long run as you will have more knowledge than others about certain aspects of your industry.

Then there is the confidence that comes with having more skills than your colleagues, that alone will empower you in the workplace and especially if you have worked in the field of your industry for a long time.

After a while this will build you a great reputation too, and then you will be able to utilise those networks you made while you were studying for your MBA.