How Colored Envelopes are a Marketing Tool

custom printed envelopes

The primary function of envelopes has remained irreplaceable despite technology advancements which have entirely shifted business operations. This simple and often overlooked component of an organization’s communication holds so much potential that can be leveraged to gain competitive advantage. A commonly accepted notion is that envelopes are just a piece of paper that will be thrown out immediately after the content in it is removed but not if you get away from the boring and standard white varieties. The decision to come out of the ordinary and try out the powers of coloured envelopes is a simple but efficient strategy that will change how recipients will view your brand.

It’s About Marketing

Superior marketing strategies are never about doing the impossible but in paying attention to the tiny details which the target market finds appealing. In envelope marketing, the vital role of sending documents in a well-sealed package is to give the recipient the assurance that the parcel was intended for them and not any other random person. However, this does not change the fact that the same recipient could have received hundreds of letters and will need a reason to always open the one you send.  This calls for the need to distinguish your business and brand from all other competitors who are seeking attention from the same individual.

Scientific research on human behaviour has proven that it takes an average of eight seconds to either capture or lose the attention of an adult. Translated to the use of envelopes in marketing or formal communication, this means that immediately an envelope is received there must be a compelling reason for the recipient to open it instantly. The fact that you have to accept is you are never going to get any advantage by having an envelope similar to the one a company launched in the 1950’s used to reach out to their clients.

Colour Makes A Difference

Nothing evokes human emotions and curiosity like colour, and when you have to use envelopes, and then customized solutions are not an option but the go-for strategy. Printed envelopes that take to account colour design elements will without any struggles capture the attention of your clients thereby increasing the chances of them opening it up and acting on the message delivered. Increased percentage of the response rates is the greatest joy of any business that uses envelopes, and by gaining extra bits of attention, you are already miles ahead of any other competitor.

Everyone likes to have fun, and even when you have to talk business, it is never a crime to give your partners or clients an element of personalization. Sending a coloured envelope to anyone shows that you took the time to think about them and did not randomly order envelopes in bulk to send them documents. In having a sense of association with your brand, you stop using envelopes as another channel that has always been in place but instead makes it a communication avenue for business growth. The best part about custom printed envelopes is you do not have to worry about the finances as this is one of the most affordable and customer-focused marketing tools you can ever utilise in the modern market.