How is Military Flashlight Different from Normal Flashlight

When most people talk about “military flashlight” they think it’s a unique type of flashlight. However, that is not the case; military personal use the same tactical flashlights that normal people use.

Though it might be a little different from a normal torch, the component and the parts are all the same. But there are a couple of things you need to pay attention to while buying a military flashlight.

What to Look For?

There is a difference between how a normal person and a military personal use a flashlight. For non-military personnel, it might be for camping, during a power cut-off, or for night walking but military personnel used it mostly in tactical or emergency situations.

  1. Compatibility With a Gun Clamp – First thing first, any flashlight that you want to use as a military flashlight should be compatible with the gun you use. Or at least it should be able to provide easy use during tactical situations.
  2. Rock-Solid – Tactical flashlights are mainly used by the military in extreme situations and harsh conditions. In order for the flashlight to survive in high-impact movements, it should be rock-solid and made of top-quality aluminum that is often used in the aviation industry.
  3. Stroboscope on Speed-Dial – Military flashlight should have a stroboscope on speed-dial. And it should be able to produce a high amount of light to dazzle the enemy.
  4. Military Flashlights Cannot Be Focused – Rapid vibration can change the beam of a focusable flashlight during military operations, which could be dangerous. A military flashlight should have a stable light instead of focused light.

Best Tactical Light by Olight

Here are some of the trending tactical lights preferred both by military personnel and regular customer for day to day use.

  1. Warrior Mini 2 tactical flashlight – It has 1,750 lumens, 220-meters of throw, and 45-day of runtime. Apart from being one of the most powerful flashlights, its compact size with carabineer-style ring and dual switches makes the warrior mini 2 versatile for both EDC and tactical use.
  2. Warrior X 3 – This tactical flashlight can be mounted on a gun and support an optional dual-button magnetic remote switch that can access two outputs directly during high-stress situations. It produces 2500 lumen output up to 560 meters and has 3 zirconium beads in the front bezel for safety.
  3. Warrior 3 – The Baton3 EDC Flashlight delivers a huge output of 1200 lumens and up to a 166-meter throw. The TIR optic lens provides an even flood beam that covers all of your lighting needs. It also has a dual-direction pocket clip and a magnetic tail cap for hands-free use.

Looking For a Military Flashlight

If you’re military personnel you don’t need specifically design flashlights. Mostly all the tactical flashlight out there is military flashlights and most of them can be mounted on a gun.

The only thing you should look at is the hardness, compatibility, switching option, and stable light.

Make sure to understand your need; don’t just go for high lumens just because people are talking about it. For military or for law enforcement personnel 1000 lumen is more than enough.