How to Avoid Jewelry Theft When on Vacation

Preparing for a trip? Oh, well. Do you know that you could be a victim of jewelry theft irrespective of where you’re vacationing?

With more travelers falling victims to theft yearly and only about one percent of valuables recovered, you need to be careful. This is especially true with diamond engagement rings, which thieves seem to love stealing. 

Chances are, keeping your jewelry safe isn’t number one on your to-do list. But following the precautions listed below will save you from jewelry theft when on vacation, consequently saving you time and money. 

How to travel safely with jewelry

Jewelry thieves often target tourists and travelers looking for expensive jewelry and watches to covet because travelers are unsuspecting. To ensure the safety of your jewelry when vacationing, follow these 11 essential tips:

1. Safely pack jour jewelry

Are you still in the merriment and spirit of traveling? Perhaps you’re wondering how and what to pack and thus, decide to pack all your jewelry boxes and think of what you’ll wear later. No, don’t do this.

When traveling, ensure you make a mental note of what jewelry you’ll be needing and what is best left behind. 

This will help you take only necessary valuables and leave behind the least used jewelry, usually in your jewelry box in a hidden place, rent a safe deposit box, or with a reputable jewelry shop. 

Remember to always keep your jewelry pieces such as bracelets, rings, and necklaces separately. 

2. Note down the jewelry you’ve packed

After deciding what pieces to pack, it’ll be wise to record an inventory. It’ll come in handy if the need to file a police report arises. 

How do you do this? Simple! List all your pieces with detailed information such as weight, type, size, purchase date, value, purchase invoice, and different angle photographs before leaving.  

In the event of jewelry theft at home or while on vacation, the recorded inventory will prove your claim and ownership.

3. Get your jewelry under insurance

Appraising your jewelry for its current value and insuring your jewelry in case of theft, loss, or damage is one way to guarantee your rest of mind while traveling.

Many insurance policies cover international travel and offer several options to safeguard jewelry. If your jewelry pieces are not insured yet, ensure that you understand the policies and limitations before you insure your pieces. Choose the one that offers full coverage in terms of loss.

4. Notify the insurance company about your travel

You want to be sure you’re on the same page with your insurance company. Notify them of your travel and have them review your insurance coverage with you before you travel.

5. Carry on your bag 

When traveling, instead of putting your jewelry box in your checked luggage that will be out of your sight for most journey hours, safely tuck it away in your carry-on bag.

6. Book smart

If you are staying in a hotel, before you book, enquire if the hotel has an in-room vault or safe boxes for people’s valuable belongings. 

7. Store your jewelry in a hotel safe

It’ll be best to wear your jewelry for the most part of your vacation. However, for the pieces you’re not wearing, ensure they are out of sight and safely tucked away, ideally in your room or hotel safe.

Beware that even with vaults, safety is not 100% guaranteed as several such safes have been violated before. Some staff also have access to hotel safes.

Double-check your hotel safe before you leave, and remember that a locked door is not a guarantee. You’re not the only one with access to your hotel room.

8. Don’t wear jewelry to the beach or pool

Some vacations aren’t complete without some trips to the pool. But are Beaches and pools ideal for jewelry?

No. Beaches, pools, and adventure sights are off-limits to where you can wear your jewelry. Even though having your jewelry in view is best, it’s wise to know where and when not to wear your jewelry. 

Aside from losing your jewelry in the pool, direct sunlight, salt water, chlorine, and other chemicals in the water can also damage it. 

9. Don’t flaunt your jewelry 

No doubt some places are safer than others. It’s best not to flaunt your expensive sparkling diamonds, and necessary to conceal them in public, especially if you’re in a rowdy or unsafe neighborhood. 

For your necklace, tuck it under your clothing, and for your engagement ring or wedding ring turn your ring’s stud around your finger. As for an expensive watch, you may want to pull your sleeve over it. 

Do your business and leave as quickly as you can in such places.

10. No tweeting on social media

We all like to gain more popularity on social media by flaunting our good life. If you can’t wait to flaunt your vacation and experience on Facebook or Instagram, well, you can do so but ensure to crop out any hint of your expensive jewelry and hide your location. You don’t want to give anyone an idea to start tracking you or make yourself an easy target.

11. Go through all your jewelry post-vacation

Nothing kills the euphoria of a holiday faster than an expensive missing piece.  Remember the inventory before traveling? Good. You have to go through all your jewelry— the ones you brought along and those left behind. Ensure they’re as safe as you left them. 

In the case of a home break-in, alert the police and your insurance company.

What to do if you lose your jewelry while traveling

Jewelry loss while traveling can sap excitement from you. If, after following the precautions, your jewelry, unfortunately, got stolen, here is what you can do to recover it:

Once you confirm you’ve lost your jewelry or suspect jewelry theft, alert the security where it happened. Proceed to file a formal police report with local authorities.

Can you wear a fake engagement ring on vacation?

Yes! Perhaps you don’t want to take off your ring and leave your finger bare. You also don’t want it stolen or damaged during high-level activities. Then yes! You may wear a replacement. Two replacement options while traveling are:

  • A silicone ring designed to be hassle-free and suitable for messy activities.
  • A fake travel wedding ring.

Can you wear jewelry through airport security?

Yes, you can. Most jewelry doesn’t upset the alarms. However, if yours does, an officer can inspect it while you watch.


You can enjoy a carefree and fun vacation without worrying about losing your precious jewelry. 

While packing and before you travel with your expensive jewelry, ensure it’s essential and go through the precautions and understand the risks.

Travel the world and have all the fun!