How to Become a Yacht Spa Therapist

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An expert shares how you can get a spa therapist job onboard a luxury yacht

Spa therapist jobs onboard the world’s most luxurious superyachts are highly coveted, and for good reason too. Indeed, not only do you get to work amidst luxurious surroundings, but you also have the opportunity to travel to some of the world’s most stunning destinations, thanks to exciting itineraries that could see you working in the blue-water havens of the Mediterranean one month, to traversing the ice-filled waters of Antarctica the following.

Yachts are increasingly expanding in size, offering an ever-growing roster of luxurious state-of-the-art amenities. A recent trend towards wellness has seen a growing demand for spa therapists on superyachts with luxurious spas and wellness centres now becoming di rigueur.

Louise Overend of YPI CREW recruits yacht crew for some of the world’s most exclusive mega yachts. Here she explains how you can get a coveted yacht spa therapist job.

What qualifications do you need to apply for a spa therapist job onboard a yacht?

“In order to get a spa therapist job onboard a yacht, you will need to have a recognised spa therapist qualification. Applicants will also need to have completed the Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping course, often referred to as the STCW. This course covers basic safety training required by all seafarers who are working onboard commercial ships or superyachts. Applicants will also need a valid seafarer’s medical fitness certificate, such as an ENG1 or equivalent, which shows that they are fit to work on a seagoing vessel and perform duties at sea.

“Ideally you will also have some sea-based spa experience, such as working on a cruise ship, but you can also be considered if you only have land-based experience. Yacht spas are some of the most luxurious in the world, so you will be confident working to an extremely high standard, providing five-star service. You will also be knowledgeable on all the latest spa treatments and trends. At YPI CREW we also regularly recruit for private massage therapist jobs, an ideal role if you are a highly skilled masseuse.”

What are some of the benefits of working on a superyacht?

“As a spa therapist on a superyacht you will get to work with some of the very best products in the industry, whilst also offering sumptuous treatments limited only by the imagination. Many yacht crew don’t have to pay tax, including UK residents, making a spa therapist job onboard a luxury yacht a great way to save.”

How can people progress their career whilst working on a superyacht?

“Most people will start-off applying for an entry level spa therapist job onboard a yacht where they will likely have to help with other housekeeping duties whilst the spa is not in use. These roles are typically on smaller yachts. As they progress through their career and gain more experience, yacht spa therapists will have the opportunity to work on much larger yachts where they will likely be one of a dedicated team of spa therapists. These yachts will employ a spa manager to oversee a team of spa therapists and the smooth running of the spa.”

What are some of the challenges of a spa therapist job onboard a yacht?

“While some of the world’s luxury superyachts dedicate a large area to an entire wellness centre, smaller yachts often have limited space, often with room for just a table. So, when applying for a spa therapist job onboard a yacht you will need to be someone who is highly adaptable. Many of the spa therapists on smaller yachts will act in a more mobile capacity, offering treatments to guests in their rooms. Additionally, as your location is never static, yacht spa therapists often adjust their treatments to their surroundings. For example, you may offer treatments designed to treat overexposure to the sun when in a sunny destination, alternatively, if you are cruising around the Atlantic, you may offer a treatment designed to nourish and rehydrate skin that has become dry due to the cold climate.”

What character traits do you need to successfully apply for a spa therapist job onboard a yacht?

“As mentioned above, you need to be highly adaptable to adjust to your surroundings. In addition to this you also need to excel in customer service, have an encyclopaedic knowledge of the latest treatments and trends in wellness, and be able to handle the most demanding of clients. Ultimately the attention to clients and excellent treatment experience is exactly the same on a yacht as it is in a luxurious land-based spa. Additionally you will need to be a team player and an energetic professional who is able to stay calm in stressful situations.”

How much does a spa therapist job onboard a yacht pay?

“A base salary for entry level yacht spa therapist jobs is typically around 3,500 euro per month. Spa therapists working on yacht charters can expect to earn around 3,000 euro per month, however they will also get an equal share of charter tips. Whether you have applied for a spa therapist job onboard a yacht that is private or charter, the role will include return flights, medical insurance, accommodation onboard in a shared cabin, toiletries, and all food cooked by the yacht’s private chef.”

Finally, how can people go about finding a spa therapist job onboard a yacht?

“A job seeker looking for a spa therapist job onboard a yacht or private massage therapist jobs should start their search by registering with a reputable yacht crew agency such as YPI CREW. We source and recruit the best yacht crews from across the world and have built a reputation as the leading expert in yacht crew recruitment.”