How to Join An Honor Society

There are a few well-known honor societies

They’re found among college campuses, including Phi Kappa Phi, Phi Beta Kappa, and Golden Key. These societies seek to encourage academic excellence and service. Getting in is not always an easy task, however. In order to join an honor society , college students must receive an invitation. They only receive an invitation if they demonstrate academic excellence by being in the top 7.5 percent, 10 percent, or 15 percent of their classes. If students accept the invitation, they must go through an initiation ceremony. In the past, this involved an oath of secrecy, diploma, badge, handclasp, motto, and an initiation ritual similar to Greek-letter fraternities and sororities. These days, the badge or symbol, diploma, and motto are still used prominently in the initiation ceremonies and displays of activities performed by each society.

Why an honor society ?

Collegiate honor societies hold many service opportunities throughout the year and provide active students the opportunity to serve, qualify for grants and scholarships, and network with alumni for increased job opportunities. Some honor societies offer special perks and discounts for certain products or opportunities to their members. There have been many famous people throughout history who have joined prestigious collegiate honor societies, including John Quincy Adams, Jimmy Carter, John Grisham, Elie Wiesel, and Desmond Tutu.

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