How To Keep Your Team Members on Long-term Goals

As a business owner, you’ll know by now that you can’t do it all alone. There are lots of ways in which you need to rely on the team around you. They’ll be the motor that helps you eventually find success going forward. You need to make sure that your team is focused on the goals if that’s going to be the case though.

If you’re finding that your team is lacking motivation right now and you want to do something about it, you’re in the right place. We’re going to talk about some of the things you can do to make sure that your team is focused on the task in front of them and that they’re heading in the right direction.

The ideas we’re about to discuss below will help you to keep everyone focused on the long-term goals that really matter to the long-term success of your business.

Make Sure They Buy Into What You’re Doing

First of all, you’ll need to make sure that the whole team is really buying into what you’re trying to do with your business and the goals you have for it. If they’re not buying into those ideas, they might not be motivated to work towards them. Let people know why you’re making the decisions that you’re making and where the business is heading in the long term. When they feel a genuine part of that journey, they’ll be far more likely to push themselves and do their best work going forward. It really is as simple as that.

Highlight Their Value to the Company

You shouldn’t shy away from letting your team members know why they’re valuable to the company. Again, this is about making sure they feel a core part of the team and everything the business is trying to do. It might not sound like much but having them know why and how they’re valuable to the business and everything you want it to achieve going forward could turn out to be really valuable in the long term; there’s no doubt about that. So highlight their value, especially if they seem a little demotivated.

Protect Them From Unnecessary Distractions

Your business needs a work environment that’s focused on doing good work and keeping things moving in a positive direction. If instead, there are constant distractions and people are wasting their time on things that have nothing to do with your work, it’s time to make some changes sooner rather than later. Shut out distractions and make sure that there’s nothing taking people’s attention away from the stuff that they should be working on. A distracted team is not going to reach its long-term goals.

Set Some Expectations

It’s important that your team knows what’s expected. This also means that they know where they stand and what they should be doing from day to day in the workplace. It’s easy for people to fall behind and let their effort levels fall when they don’t feel that there’s any pressure on them to do the work that needs to be done. So by making your expectations as clear as day to them, it should help them to start moving in a more positive direction in regard to their application and work levels in the office.

Reduce Clutter in the Space

A workplace that’s cluttered and messy is not going to be conducive to the good work that you want your team to be doing. That’s why it might be a good idea to tidy things up and maybe have a clearout of the stuff that simply doesn’t need to be there. There are no excuses for allowing yourself to become distracted and unfocused as a result of clutter. All it takes is a day of making changes and getting rid of items that are doing nothing other than making the space look messy.

Reward Successes Along the Way

It’s always a good idea to reward the successes that your team experiences. When they do something well and they help your business to achieve something new and important, celebrate those successes, hand out deserved bonuses, and hand out an employee of the month awards. You can use things like challenge coins to make particular successes and achievements by particular employees and for important services made to the company. That’s something that’s definitely important in keeping your team focused and motivated to carry on doing their best work.

Manage Your Meetings Better

Managing your meetings better and looking for ways to make sure that your meetings are never regarded as a waste of time by your staff is definitely a good idea. You don’t want to put your team in a position where they’re attending meetings for no real reason. It’s a mistake that often gets made and it’s something you should rectify if it’s currently impacting your business in a negative way. Always make sure that your meetings carry purpose and that you’re only holding them for the right reasons.

Pay Attention to Individual Differences

Paying attention to the individual difference that exists among the members of your team is going to be very important as you look to keep them on the right track and working hard. Not everyone is going to respond the same way to the motivation that you try to offer. That’s why you need to work hard to get to know your team members and how they respond to different kinds of motivation and management. Failing to do that will only impact your chances of getting the most out of everyone in the long term.

Break Down Goals

Breaking down your goals into smaller and more easily achievable ones might help your team a lot with staying focused and motivated. If they can only see far-off goals that they’re very slowly working towards, it all seems so distant and far away, so there’s no urgency to work hard to get there. But when you pair your long-term goals with shorter-term goals that they can work towards more quickly over time, that should help them to start focused.

Foster a Culture of Learning

It’s a good idea to make sure that your team has a love of learning and that they’re always looking for new ways to improve themselves. But that’s not something that’s going to happen by itself. You need to instigate those learning opportunities and help your team to access new opportunities for training and learning new ways of doing things. If you foster that kind of culture inside your business, it will eventually filter down to the individual members of your team, who’ll work hard over time to improve themselves.

Encourage Rest and Good Health

Encouraging plenty of rest and good health is definitely something that’s very important to the members of your team. If you allow them to become tired, stretched, and overworked, that can ultimately only be bad for your team. So give them the chance to rest when they need it and maybe also give them the option to work flexibly and remotely as and when doing so works for them.

There are clearly lots of ways in which you can keep your team more focused on the challenges in front of them. But that’s not to say that implementing these ideas is easy because it’s certainly not. There are many things that can go wrong and challenges you’ll face along the way, but that’s all part of the process and not something you should shy away from.


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