How to Make Him Commit Without Pressure


If you are attracted to a man and want him to commit to you, there is no way you can pressurize him for doing that. You need to understand that he probably doesn’t want to be with you if you need to force him. Even if he was attracted to you initially, the more pressure you put on him, the more repelled he will feel towards you. So, instead of pressuring him, find out why and how to make him commit without pressure.

This Will be a Short-Term Relationship

If you pressure a man to commit to you, it will be a forced relationship with fewer chances of lasting long. Over time, he will realize that you pushed him into a relationship that he never wanted. Such an association has a high probability of ending in devastating heartbreak.

You Will Look Desperate

While you are trying to attract a man, you don’t want to make him feel you are desperate for him. Present yourself as an amazing woman who deserves a good guy like him. If he can’t see your worth, probably he doesn’t deserve you.

It’s Better to Let Things Progress Naturally

Love at first sight is an infatuation. Good relationships take time to grow and mature. You can’t put pressure on someone to love you. In a healthy relationship, two people enjoy being together and understanding each other even when no one is talking. If he is genuinely interested in you, give him time to move into a relationship with you, not forcibly but gradually.

You Want to Exhibit Confidence

Men like confident women who are independent and do not depend on anyone. By pressurizing them to commit, you show them that you need them and are not sure about yourself. Accept yourself first, and then you will automatically attract men.

When You Force Him, You are Begging

When you pressurize a man to commit to you, you show him that you want him badly. In other words, you are begging him for the relationship. This deteriorates your image, and he gets an idea that you have no self-worth. He will think that you are ready to do anything to have him, which may encourage him to take advantage of you without committing.

You Give the Power to Him

By forcing him to commit to you, you exhibit your poor self-esteem. When you make him the goal, he knows that you are the one who needs him. Such a relationship is not mutual, and this simple fact can make all the difference.

He’ll Not be a Good Boyfriend

Men who are afraid to make commitments do not often make good partners. If they cannot commit to you personally, won’t they have a hard time making your relationship official? If you forced him to commit, he might dump you anytime due to fear or another pressure.

Ways to Make Him Commit Without Pressure

  • Be confident
  • Never beg
  • Do not talk about serious commitments until he is ready
  • Make emotional and physical bond first
  • Show him that you are confident, independent, and self-respectful
  • Be yourself
  • Give him his freedom
  • Be a good companion to him
  • Get along with his friends and family

Now that you know why and how to make him commit without pressure, stop running after him. Give him time and let the relationship grow. Pressurizing someone into a relationship is just a forced commitment that will never last. The ultimate goal is to like each other. The man who commits to you should feel that he earned you, not the other way round.