How to make it into the Tech Industry

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In this age, information technology plays a very significant role in every industry. IT drives the innovation known to fuel business success. In fact, the current formula for success in any industry is: drive innovation with IT. For this reason, the most vital detail businesses figure out is how to make smart IT moves during recruitment. They use IT in different departments including human resource, manufacturing, finance, and security. With IT, businesses have been able to view global market changes faster than ever before. So, how can you make it into the tech industry?

How to learn about it

If you hope to get into a lucrative tech job, you have to know how the industry works and be acquainted with the current trends. If you are a non-technology professional, understand that many IT jobs require a college degree, but there are some that have fewer barriers to entry. While there may be the absence of hands-on experience for a particular tech job, you can identify gaps and take quick tech courses to fill them. If you want to venture into the industry, CloudAcademy and other essential educational platforms can provide training and accreditations, like the highly requested Google Cloud certification for example. Here are some good tips that will help you to land a job in the tech industry. Here is how you learn about it.

• Research- to get a sense of what companies are looking for, look for online job postings. After getting a glimpse, emphasise your transferable traits such as strong communication and interpersonal skills, customer-friendliness, ability to work as a team player, and proven analytical abilities.
• Flexibility- you have to be willing to occupy positions below your experience level. This could be necessary for a career transition.
• Passion- when hiring, most human resource managers look for candidates who seem to be inquisitive and with a willingness to learn more. A natural interest in IT can present you as a credible candidate for the job.
• Coding- learning to code is a sure fire way of landing an IT job. As a beginner, start with codeacademy. While here, try new apps, be patient as you use the online resources, and with a keen interest in learning, you will quickly get in line.

• Leverage your Network- when trying to break into the industry, it is vital to make connections in the tech world. This is a great resource when considering changing your career. Look for people who know your experience. Such are the individuals who can quickly help you match the right opportunities in IT.

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How to use the Skills to Make Career

The skills should guide you in crafting a great resume. You should also get ideas on what to highlight during the interviews. That way, you can play up your strengths and get a chance to rise to the top. Depending on your background, look for a quality IT degree that will fit your schedule. It is the only way to gain expertise and develop the confidence needed to get the position you want. Even after researching and finding that your field is piqued, keep talking to those already in the profession. The more you study the industries looking for IT talent, the higher the chances you get towards your career path.


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