How to Make the Most of Your Ground Floor Office Space

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With most workers now spending almost as much time at the office as they do at home, making sure the office is as welcoming as possible is even more important now than it has been in the past. A bright, comfortable office leads to warm and happy employees. Ground floor office space is often more affordable and more open-plan, which is ideal for smaller businesses. Below, we’ll underline a few of the design options that will make the most of any ground floor office space.


 If you’re a small business limited to a ground floor office, you’re going to want to be conservative with your storage solutions. Obviously, with modern digital office solutions, paper documents are far less common, so the large filing cabinets and drawers you would have found in offices even a few years ago are no longer necessary.

 You can also use spare wall space for storage with hooks and shelving units and cork boards are always handy for keeping notes on display. If you’re fed up of almost tripping over rogue cables, meanwhile, consider keeping computer cables cleared away with via underfloor cable management options. And always get rid of the office equipment nobody is using (goodbye fax machine).


 Blinds can be a necessity for your office, especially when it comes to increasing privacy and productivity. In the summer months especially, when the sun is high, many office environments would simply be unbearable without proper blinds due to the heat and glare generated by the hot sun, particularly in ground floor office spaces where there might be a lot of glass doors.

 Vertical blinds are perhaps the most popular option for office spaces and are particularly handy in ground floor spaces. Consider saving a small fortune by ordering your blinds online at a place like Direct Blinds and choosing from hundreds of designs in a number of shades and colours.


 The two most popular and affordable choices here are vinyl or modular carpet tiles. Vinyl is more hard-wearing and requires very little maintenance. It’s also very easy to install and very easy to wipe clean, which is particularly important in ground floor situations, where employees will be walking in all manner of dirt. It is also, however, much colder underfoot and has thusly earned a reputation as a colder and more ‘sterile’ option.

 Modular carpet tiles, meanwhile, offer a comparatively ‘warm’ aesthetic. They also absorb not only the heat, but more sound, which can be a small mercy in busier ground floor offices. Their modular nature also means they are easy to install and just as easy to remove when necessary.


 Finally, whilst ground floor offices will generally be a little brighter, if they are small, they can still feel a little dark and will eventually drain the life out of employees. That’s why it’s important to keep things vibrant and colourful.

 Experiment with bold colour combinations that make the space feel alive and welcoming and less clinical. Also, if natural lighting doesn’t appear to be doing as much, consider investing in some colourful LED lighting, which will really help you out in the winter months, when it gets dark before employees begin to head home for the day.

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