How to Motivate Employees and Increase Their Productivity

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No matter what their role in a company may be or how high they are on the career ladder, every employee needs to be motivated to deliver quality results. Benefit packages exist for this reason. 

Companies use various perks to motivate their employees to be more productive. However, finding the right perk to motivate each of your team members can be a demanding task, especially if you’re running a large business. 

Before you decide to refresh your incentives offer, check out your existing benefit packages focusing on their efficiency. Once you see whether they work or not, you can start thinking about ways to offer more customized benefits to your employees so that they can stay highly productive and motivated to reach their goals.

Here are several effective tips you can use to motivate employees and enhance your teams’ satisfaction, and productivity.

Reward Excellent Performance and Encourage Healthy Competition Among Employees

Benefits and rewards are great motivators and you can use them to promote your company’s core values. Most importantly, by rewarding high performers you show that you value their work. 

Measuring employees’ performance can be tricky in large enterprises. So if you want to create detailed, objective reports based on real-time performance, try implementing effective software for employee monitoring in employees’ workflow. 

By analyzing productivity tracking data you’ll be able to make well-informed decisions about the employees that deserve recognition and reward.  You’ll also be able to boost your employees’ performance.

Most importantly, by giving promised rewards to the deserving employees, you’ll show your commitment to promises made and that you expect the same from your employees.

Offering hefty rewards to high performers can motivate others to become more productive, lowering the absenteeism rate in your company. Incorporating healthy competition by rewarding overachievers is an effective strategy that can boost overall productivity because everybody wants their work to be recognized and rewarded.

Create Personalized Benefits and Let Employees Choose Those that Best Suit Them

The question you need to answer when offering incentives to motivate employees is: Is this the benefit specific employees are looking for?

People in your company can be motivated in various ways. Some may aim for bonuses, others for additional vacation days or long-awaited promotions. So avoid offering standard rewards for a job well done. 

One of the characteristics of successful leaders is an in-depth understanding of employees’ needs and personal goals. This may be a challenging task when you’re managing thousands. But, open and frequent communication with your team can be the key. 

Talking about employees’ goals and aspirations shouldn’t be limited to hiring and onboarding processes. You need to conduct frequent surveys related to employees’ needs and envisioned career paths to keep them motivated and enthusiastic about their work. 

Once you get your answers, make sure to create a robust list of personalized benefits your team members can choose from.

Show Employees That Their Work Matters

You can offer an array of lucrative incentives to boost your employees’ performance and motivation and still have a short-term effect on their productivity. What most employees need nowadays to continue delivering remarkable results is the feeling that they’re doing meaningful work. This especially rings true for Millennials who seek immediate gratification and appreciation. 

You can start by showing your team members the big picture related to significant company goals, focusing on their role in achieving them. Knowing that their contribution to overall company success is seen and appreciated may be a strong intrinsic motivator with long-lasting effects on employees’ productivity.

Reinvent Benefit Packages to Suit the Future of Workplace

If you want to keep up with numerous changes that are redefining the business world in the post-Covid era, you need to update your list of employee benefits. The demand for remote and hybrid work options is on the rise ever since employees have experienced the work flexibility and autonomy these models offer.

So offering these options to your employees can be a step in the right direction. You can also consider including no-meeting Fridays or a 4-day work week in your benefits package eventually. 

All these incentives can help your employees achieve much-needed work/life balance and make them more motivated to reach set goals.