Planning a Business Trip? Here’s Some Useful Tips

If you’re the individual tasked with sorting out a business trip for your company, the chances are you’ll have your work cut out for you. There’s lots of different things to consider, have in place and manage in order to make sure the plan runs both smoothly and in a timely fashion. So to turn this potential logistical nightmare into an enjoyable and productive trip, here’s what you need to do:

Have the right details

When you’ve got the brief from your bosses, or team leader, the first thing you should do is check that these are all correct. This covers everything from the dates and times to the person(s) involved, where and when they need to be certain places and what work-based information they need to take with them.

Don’t compromise on quality

Next comes booking the accommodation and travel. While you’ll want to be thrifty, don’t go too basic as you’ll want your team to be fresh and ready for their meetings. As such, look for a reasonably good quality hotel near to the location you want to be, with access to trains and taxis. You may want to prepare yourself with a coupon for a chain like Travelodge.  Alternatively if you’re renting a car for them it should also be reliable and big enough to ensure a comfortable ride.

Let those involved know what they need to bring

With this sorted, contact each person who is involved individually with a breakdown of what they need to have, this might include:

  • Travel arrangements and timings
  • Names of hotels
  • Dress code
  • Who they’re meeting and what they need to have prepared

Back up your resources

If your team need access to work documents, make sure they back these up before they travel to allow for any unforeseen technical issues.

Create a plan

The last thing to do is put all the key information into a plan or itinerary to give to the most senior team member on the trip. There’s another easy alternative with all this though, as it can also be arranged through a third party. There’s expert planning companies like Statesman Travel Group for instance who can do all this on your behalf, saving you time and effort.

Ask for feedback

Once the trip is over and done with, it’s also worth getting some feedback from your colleagues. This way if they highlight any issues you know what to avoid for the next trip you plan, whether it’s an accommodation or travel method preference.

So make the most of this useful advice and then all that is left for you to do is enjoy a pleasant and hopefully successful business trip.

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