How To Set Up A Camera-Perfect Home Office In 21 Days

home office lighting

If the global COVID-19 pandemic has taught us one thing, the capacity to work from home is essential to most modern careers. As entrepreneurs have always known, working from your own space enables you to craft the environment in which you feel most productive. 

Depending on your industry of work, this can entail getting creative with decoration or avoiding it altogether. 

But generally, your home office will need to be somewhat camera-ready to ensure you can carry out video conferences, zoom meetings, and interviews without stressing about your set-up. 

A strong career woman will need her environment to reflect her. What better way to create your ideal home office than to do the required installations yourself? 

Three weeks is more than enough for you to autonomously revamp your home office space. From the wall color to the lighting and soundproofing. Here are a few tips you might want to consider. 

Get Practical With An Office Desk 

An office desk is a worthy investment because it will facilitate a lot of your daily tasks. You will gain storage space from the drawers of your desk, as well as an ample chest-leveled surface to go about your tasks. 

A quality desk will have a smooth finish likely to be visible at the corner of your frame during video calls. So it’s worth splurging on the higher-end materials and even designs. 

During the end and beginning of year holidays and as a result of COVID-19-related discounts (from a widespread decrease in economic activity), you can temporarily expect to get these tables at lower prices. 

Invest In Comfort With A Swivel Chair 

If your job requires you to sit at a desk for hours, having a good posture is essential. To keep your back straight, you will need to make sure it is comfortably supported. 

A swivel chair will facilitate movement to make the best use of all areas of your desk. It will also be adjustable to allow you to adopt the position most comfortable to you,

Using DIY Soundproofing

Soundproofing is a plus for a home office. Particularly if you share your home with other people who may be present while you are working. 

If you’re not looking to invest in soundproofing panels, you can minimize the noise penetrating and leaving your home office space by placing a thick rug under your desk and chair. 

You can also add door seals (using sealant tape or acoustic sealant for windows), use double-layered curtains, and add padded leather stripping to your doors.

Install A Sophisticated Wallpaper 

A crisp, neutral wallpaper will save you the hassle of repainting your walls—wallpapers such as the ones featured on are designed for a swift, easy installation. 

Choosing a sophisticated and neutral design will elevate the décor of your home office and create an engaging background for video calls and pre-recorded content.

Monitor Size Matters – So Upgrade!

A large monitor is ideal for a home office because it maximizes your comfort. It displays the virtual interfaces you use in a more immersive manner, improving your attention span and being less tiring on the eyes.

Frame and Hang Your Accreditation Certificates Where Visible

If you have had to earn licensing or qualification certifications as part of your training or practicing requirements, you have every reason to hang them! Make sure they are visible in the frames you film or video call with. 

Your documentation reinforces your competence. So having them on display can boost your confidence during meetings or video interviews. 

Suppose your job entails creating video content at your desk. In that case, the visuals of the accreditation documents behind you will keep your audience convinced of your knowledge of the matters you are discussing. 

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