How to Start an Ecommerce Site as a College Student

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Most people think you have to be a long-established and successful entrepreneur to start an ecommerce website. This isn’t really true. With the right tools and useful information, even a college student could begin an online store.

Here’s how to start an ecommerce site as a college student.

Consider Cost

First off, as a college student, you’re probably looking to be smart about your cash. So, you’re definitely going to have to consider the cost you’re willing to pay when starting your ecommerce store. While hiring a website developer is a great way to get a fully customized site, you’re better off using a website builder from a provider like Shopify to set up your site. They’re easy-to-use and super affordable (many are even free).

Using a website builder is also incredibly handy when starting off because it offers you templates to choose from for your site. Further, it’s tools will help you design your site in professional and creative ways. For example, a free logo maker is provided with many platform sites to help brand your business.

Time Management

As a college student, you’ve probably realized how important time management is in order to be successful. After all, you’ve been juggling classes, assignments, work and a social life.

You’ll need to be organized if you’re going to be keeping up with all of your obligations. While you’ll be tempted to put your head down and power through, taking time out of your day to clear your head, exercise, and refocus your thoughts will help your complete tasks with much less stress.

Additionally, utilizing to-do lists or an organizer can help you keep track of your daily projects and assignments. Just make sure to continue using them and not to fall behind. The key to this is to be realistic about what you can accomplish. Don’t set yourself up for failure. With baby steps, you can cross one thing off your list at a time, validating your work ethic each time you accomplish something and making you more apt to want to work more.

Sell Your Goods Online

We’ve talked about the logistics of starting an ecommerce business. Now you might be wondering what the heck you can sell as a college student. Some of you may already have a product you’re passionate about and that’s why you’re here. Others might need a little more help.

Luckily, you don’t have to think too hard about what you want to sell online. Especially if you’re using an affordable website builder, it’s really up to you to decide to want you want to sell. For example, many students work on several DIY projects throughout their college careers—especially if they go to a Liberal Arts school. You’d be surprised how many people would purchase DIY, especially if they are buying locally.

Additionally, utilizing tools like your own social media pages will help you promote your ecommerce site and get others excited about it, too. All you have to do is pick your product.

Start an Ecommerce Site and a Future

Dedicating the time and energy to starting an ecommerce business in college will be incredibly useful to you in the long run. It’s a great way to jumpstart your career and start earning you more money. Prioritizing your time and doing simple things like congratulating yourself will help keep you motivated. So, now just figure out what you want to sell, find a website builder that works for you, and start your business.

And remember, Facebook was started by a college student too.