How To Stay Happy During Exams

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Exams are a period of time when the body is going through an excessive amount of stress, and such stress can cause lack of concentration. Being happy is really important as it can help to concentrate  and focus on important topics.

Some exams are life-changing and bring even more tension. There can be several others factors influencing the body during the exam time like:

  • Pressure from parents,
  • Pressure to score high marks,
  • Pressure of not forgetting what you studied.

Reasons to Be Happy During an Exam

Happiness is the key to good results. A happy brain is able to think fast and make better decisions. Serotonin is called the happiness hormone which is released when you are happy and satisfied. Appropriate levels of serotonin improve memory, and following are some of the other factors:

  • Enhanced long-term and short-term memory,
  • Better ability to think logically,
  • Improved reasoning skills,
  • Ability to combat stress,
  • Capacity to learn more in short time.

How to Reduce Anxiety

Of course, there will be examination stress but not to the level of depression. Low levels of stress are positive for life because you are able to push your limits. But during exams, level of happiness should overcome your fear and tension. That is when you will have a positive result. Let’s go through them:

Good Sleep

Just because it is exam time, you don’t have to stay up all night to study. You can start studying earlier and finish within the given time to be able to sleep at least 6 hours every night, especially, the night before an exam. It is very common to hear people saying “I just slept 2 hours” but you don’t have to compete with them.

Time to Study

Give appropriate time to your topics. Do not rely on last-minute studying. It will cause more stress. Just start preparing on time to be able to finish the assignment within the allotted time. Doing so will help you to get a good night sleep and help in building confidence.

Nutritious Diet

Food is one of the most important components for the brain to be happy. Of course, you are happy to see spicy and fried food but it can lead to an upset stomach or worse.   Eat a balanced food with proteins, carbohydrates, and fats.

Avoid caffeine at night because it stimulates your brain to stay awake instead of sleeping.  Moderate amounts of coffee are okay but too much coffee is not really good for your body.  Instead:

  • Eat fruits and nuts,
  • Eat proteinaceous food,
  • Drink lots of water.

Support System

During exam time, you may have many questions and doubts. You need to find support systems who will help solve your issues and guide you well during exams. You can ask tutors online,  or even get help with your assignments by finding a helpful website.

And don’t forget your regular support systems, your parents and prior teachers.  They’re almost always willing and able to provide some insight and direction.  Not to mention that they’re always going to be your best cheerleaders and source of encouragement.


Those are some of the basic ways to keep your brain happy during  exams. There are many more ways like:

  • Listening to music
  • Active sports
  • Social breaks

The above methods release your stress and make you ready for the exam venture ahead. You also need to get some fresh air every day during the tests period. And you will be ready to crash those exams.


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