How to Stay in Shape with a Busy Schedule

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You know you have to work out and get fit but you just don’t have the time. As a busy career woman  your schedule is usually hectic: you’ve got to drive the kids around, attend meetings, go over documents, update that Wix site, and so forth. When do you ever get a chance to fit in some gym time?

Well, there’s no rule that says you have to do your work out all at once. You can spread it out throughout the day. According to this article on, there are still benefits to spreading your workout through short, intense intervals. Of course, staying in shape requires more than just exercise.

Here are things you can do to stay in shape when you always seem to be busy:

Carry healthy snacks around

Keep them around you at all times. Stick a few in your purse every morning. Have a pack in your car. Have a stash of healthy snacks in the office. Whenever you’re feeling hunger pangs, eat one. This will satisfy your appetite so that you will be less likely to overeat during lunch or dinner.

Do simple exercises whenever possible

Do a set of squats while you’re waiting on food to cook, or stretches in the bathroom. Take a short, five minute break here and there. Get your legs moving, and walk around. Need some cardio? Just do some jumping jacks for a minute or two. This is a simple, yet fast workout that targets the entire body. has a great 10-minute workout you can try in the comfort of your own home.

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Find a workout partner

Having a fitness buddy to rely on helps you to stay more motivated. Ask around to see if anyone is interested in working out with you. If it’s a co-worker, you can still talk business as you exercise. You might even be able to trade services: you could offer to babysit for your partner while he or she hits the gym, and vice versa.

Include your family

If you can’t find a workout partner, just turn fitness into something the entire family can do together. Some gyms offer family passes.  You’ll get to spend more time with your kids AND get a good workout in the process. Check with nearby gyms and fitness facilities to learn about your options.

Always choose the fit option

Switch up your routines to incorporate more physical activity. If you have to choose between an elevator or stairs, take the stairs (unless you’re in a hurry). It won’t hurt to park far away from the entrance and just walk (unless it’s dark and you’re alone). Take a bike to the store instead of driving. These small changes will add up and help you stay in better shape over time.

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Try to save time whenever possible

Start waking up 15 minutes early. Prepare your breakfast the night before so it will be ready. Spend that extra time doing a morning workout. Try to get your work completed more quickly. It might be worthwhile to hire some help. If you’re so busy that you have trouble finding time to workout, it may be time to reduce the workload. Whether it’s hiring a data entry worker to help you with the small tasks or reputation management expert to help with marketing, it’s an investment that may be very beneficial to you.

Exercise and healthy eating are essential not only for physical health, but mental health as well. A healthy lifestyle will even help you with your work efforts. According to this article on, exercise “enhances mental performance and work productivity.”


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