How to Tweak a Resume to Fit a Specific Role Free photos of Application

Tailoring your resume for a specific role makes recruiting easier for hiring managers and for you to get the job you want. Some recruiters have to go through hundreds of different resumes so that they only look for the people who have the skills necessary for that role.

Creating a resume that is worthwhile and will put your name on the top of the list takes time and a lot of thought. But it is worth it in the end because you will have the perfect resume that gives you an extra boost in getting your dream job. This is how you can tweak a resume to target the right positions.

Learn What the Company Values

Are you targeting an environmental conservation company or trying to get a job as a teacher? The company and the role itself will determine how you need to change your resume to fit the requirements of that job role. Find out what the exact job description and responsibilities entail and what qualifications, if any, are required. 

Focus on the most common themes, such as time management, organization skills, or office management. You will know what you work with by looking at the job posting and description. Then, include your skills that match these requirements and use specific phrases similar to the job posting. For example, state that you have experience in managerial tasks, and that your top priority is productivity.

Work on the Formatting

Go through your resume carefully and identify areas that don’t look professional. Long paragraphs are out, and you should use bullet points instead for aspects like your skills, qualification, and experience.  Look for sentences that are hard to understand or information that is no longer relevant. Remove them if they don’t apply to the role or rewrite them to sound more cohesive.

When it comes to the placement of your information, employers want to see your more recent work experience, so it should go above any mention of qualifications and schooling history. These kinds of formatting techniques can change depending on the role, so it is best to ask for help from a professional resume writing service. You can find the best resume writing services in your area, which will supply a template with instructions on how to best tailor your resume for different companies. 

Less Detail, More Summary

It is tempting to list your experience and skills in detailed paragraphs to tell recruiters just how well-suited you are for the job. The problem is that hiring managers and recruiters don’t have the time to read through this information. They want to see highlights of the most important and relevant data in an easy-to-read format. 

Summarize information like education by listing just the titles, level of degree, and any specialization. For your personal information, all they need is your name and contact information. There is no need to give any more than that because it isn’t relevant. Also, list your attributes, strengths, or even specific personality traits by the most important and applicable ones.

The best way to get that job you have been eyeballing is to tailor your resume by using these fine-tuning techniques. Be specific to the company you are targeting and include keywords in your resume that only that company would notice.