How to Up Your Job Application Game With Basic Etiquette, Mail Merge Software, and More

With the pandemic, many people are looking for new work, meaning that now more than ever your job application needs to shine and stand out among your competitors. With a significant amount of business to business communication being through email, it’s important to be polite, prepared, and use a mail merge software to tailor every single email to the specific hiring manager you’re speaking with. In this blog, we’ll discuss the best practices so you can find your dream job in no time.

Use a Mail Merge Software to Save Time and Energy

When you’re looking for a job, it’s important to save all the time and energy you can for your interviews. Because of this, you shouldn’t be worrying about customizing every single email manually for each hiring manager when there are many helpful tools available to speed up and automate this process. GMass is a Gmail extension that allows you to create an email template which can then be sent automatically with different names and pleasantries to a large number of recipients. By spending less time on sending emails, you’ll be able to use that time in a different part of your professional life.

Don’t be Afraid to Send Follow Up Emails

Everyone is busy right now, especially hiring managers. Because of this, your email may not catch their eye while they’re sifting through applicants. By sending a follow up email, you’re not only showing that you really care about the position, but also that you’re more willing to put in the extra effort and time for your employer. It can be difficult to get out of your own head and realize that there’s no shame in following up, as the worst thing that they can do is say no. By keeping this in mind while you’re applying and continually following up, you’ll be showing your commitment to the open job and will catch the eye of the hiring manager easier.

Stay Polite and Professional

Something that may seem obvious is being kind and professional with your hiring manager, but you’d be surprised. Learning about basic email etiquette can help you stand out from the rest of applicants, as you’ll sound and act more professional and polished. Things such as always having a subject line, greeting and closing, keeping things brief, and not using emojis and slang is a sure way to assert yourself as a serious contender for the job opening.

Research Where You’re Applying to and Match Language

Every business is different and company culture is never quite the same as another—by doing research on GlassDoor about employee’s experiences as well as reading about the company on its website, you’ll be able to tailor your language to fit the vibe of the staff. With different company cultures in mind, you may want to separate your mail merge templates into separate seriousness levels, as you’ll be able to better match how the company already acts and functions.

Making some small adjustments with these tips and tricks can help you skyrocket your career and land yourself a dream job in no time. Above all else, you have to be confident in your abilities—show them who’s boss and that you’re willing to put your all into your work. Nothing is holding you back, so what are you waiting for? Start researching, writing, and applying for your next dream job today.

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