Imagine: Working For Passion, Pleasure, and Profit


A lot has changed in the world since you and I were born into it.  As a kid, I watched my parents do life and work with a pretty fatalistic mindset.  Things were the way they were, they always had been, and they always would be.  They worked to live and pay bills.

While they were happy in their own way, they had little notion of being able to follow their own passions.  And the idea of profit and pleasure in addition were not even a possibility in regards to their work-a-day existence.

In our still-evolving cultural notion of work, one thing is certain:  we’re recognizing more and more the benefits of working in ways that resonate with your passions.  And that, yes, it is possible to do so and be financially rewarded.

Not One Job – Portfolio Careers

You aren’t simply a reflection of the single nine to five job you perform.  In fact, the job you have now is likely a reflection of just one of the facets of you.  What if you were to recognize and grow those other facets?

It’s those kinds of questions that Steve Preston digs into in his new book “Portfolio Careers : How To Work for Passion, Pleasure, and Profit.”

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Your Life – Your Terms

If you’ve been doing life on other people’s terms, it may be time for a re-evaluation of your life and work.  Steve puts it this way:

It’s about changing your mindset from having a more conventional job to securing an income by using any combination of activities, interests, skills, talents, and passions to create the working lifestyle you want.  This is what I call working for Passion, Pleasure, and Profit, or the 3 P’s”

Steve, who is also a successful career coach, sheds light on the path to a new and exciting future.  I highly recommend you add the book to your must-read list.


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