It’s All Relative: Global Work Comparisons

It's All Relative Global Work Comparisons

In spite of  our inter-connected world of social media, instant news and communications, and multi-national corporations, it’s easy to filter it all through the eyes of our own version of reality.  After all, we’re most concerned with our own surroundings and what affects us most directly.  But with ever increasing mobility in jobs, workplaces, and where we choose to live, it’s good to take a look at the rest of the shrinking world.  Citrix GoToMeeting recently completed a study comparing several aspects of the working world from seven countries around the globe.  The results are eye opening, to say the least.

Comparisons:  What Exactly is “Best?”

Obviously, there are some real standouts in the study.  Who wouldn’t want Australia’s $17.29 minimum wage?  Or the 52 weeks of parental leave of the U.K.?  And from an employer point of view, wouldn’t it be great to have low employee turnover like Germany?

But using only one or two statistics doesn’t give a very clear picture.  I imagine we’d all love to have a car that gets 80 miles to the gallon.  Then again, if it was ugly and uncomfortable, maybe not so much.

It’s All Relative

So, numbers alone don’t always tell the whole story.  And beyond the basics, we all have our considerations that go beyond what the place we work offers us.  What about family ties?  Climate?  Culture?  Yes, there’s more to what at first may appear as nirvana.  So before you pack up and head to the greener grass, remember  . . . it’s all relative.


It's all relative global work comparisons

What to Do?!

If you are seriously considering a major relocation in your future, it’s best to remember that it holds great potential as well as great risk.  Why not test the water?  Ask for an overseas work assignment.  Take an extended vacation and thoroughly check what it’s like to live where you’re considering.  Making a fully informed decision will only make you that much more confident in making the transition to a whole new life.

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