Joining the Great Resignation? Here’s How to Quit Your Job

quit your job

As the Great Resignation continues to grow, you too may be thinking it’s time to quit your job. But there’s more to exiting your position that just not showing up. Saying goodbye to your boss should be done correctly, for the benefit of both yourself and your employer.

Before you zip out the door, consider these tips on what to do, and not do, when you decide to quit your job.

Make a Plan

Even though the job market favors you as the jobseeker, it’s still wise to have a plan. If the plan is for a new job, then you should have taken all the usual steps for finding a position. That includes updating your resume, refreshing your LinkedIn profile, and at least sending out initial applications. Preferably, you’d already have done some interviewing, or even better have a job offer in hand.

Feeling entrepreneurial? Then do all your research and due diligence prior to leaving your current employer. Do all you can to launch your new venture while you’ve still got a regular income, and you’re less likely to have financial challenges starting out.

Exit Timeframe

Virtually no one would just stop showing up for work. So what’s your timeframe for leaving? Are conditions such that you want today to be your last day? Or perhaps you’d like to give an appropriate amount of notice, and finish up projects you’re presently working on. Consider the factors that are pushing you out the door, as well as those that are demanding your commitment elsewhere.

Know Your Obligations

Are you under obligations spelled out in an employment contract? If so, that may dictate the terms of your departure. Failure to abide by those terms could leave you legally liable. So review your contract and make your plans accordingly.

Conference with Your Boss

Having a plan, some idea of your obligations, and your timeframe, you’re now ready to have a chat with your boss. But go in with an open mind. Your boss will appreciate some flexibility on your part, it shows you’re concerned about them, too. And who knows, he or she may want you to stay bad enough to sweeten your paycheck or benefits, or perhaps even open the door to a new opportunity. Go into your meeting with your boss allowing for the best possible outcome.

Compose a Resignation Letter

Your resignation letter should be drafted AFTER all of the above. It’s only then that you have enough information to draft a relevant and effective notice of your intent to leave your employment. Whether it’s a simple resignation letter template or it’s composed in consultation with your attorney, in conjunction with your overall exit strategy, this demonstrates your professionalism, that you’re a team player. And that’s valuable if you should choose to return some day, or even to potential employers who may ask about the conditions under which you left.

Put a Positive Spin on Leaving

So you hated your job. Or you loathed the jerk you had to regularly deal with. Now is not the time to burn your bridges! On the contrary, now is the time to calm the seas, and leave everyone, including yourself, feeling positive about your choice to leave.

Jackie LaMar

Beach lover. SoCal dweller. Life is never over unless you surrender. Keep going, the prize IS out there.

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