Keeping On Top Of Social Media Strategy

Are you at a digital plateau and unsure where your social media strategy should be heading next? Perhaps you’re in charge of a brand’s social media, or perhaps your own business is your brand. Regardless, you need to approach social media in the same manner – in that each approach should be different. Keep up!

Social media use should be totally tailored to the company or brand that you are representing. Social Media Examiner goes through some great starting points to help you to do this – from identifying your customer base, to researching your competition and plenty of other useful tips. 

Social Media Use Is A Conversation

Social media is only part promotional. The rest is a two-way street. You need to make sure that you’re actively engaging with the markets you’re trying to appeal to. Mashable have completely pinpointed why this is. It boils down to personification. They talk about how it’s a whole lot less faceless, but the fact being that each party has to have something useful to contribute. Through research, you can identify who your audience should be, in order to best ‘speak’ to them. This can be on a generational or a geographic level, and many other levels in between.

If your audience isn’t currently who you’d like to be targeting, social media can help your brand break into new markets, too, as outlined by Greenlight Digital. They detail the ways, for example, that the UK and US markets may differ, and how you can work with this information to rise to the top of your game. Once you have achieved that, it’s once again about learning how to approach them properly as well.  

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Social Media Strategy Needs To Stay Current

If you design an incredible strategy this month for your social media planning, it might not be relevant in 12 or even six months’ time. As noted in the BDC ebook, a social media strategy must be “revisited and updated regularly”. This is because in the ever-changing world of digital, there are new trends all the time. One key is ensuring to incorporate several different platforms into your planning. But it’s better to focus on your key platforms effectively rather than 10 different ones terribly! Other publications have also discussed this in terms of your focus, and have broken it down in real terms – according to your ROI (after all, that’s what matters, right)?

Each year, you can visit the social media statistics outlining growth as according to the Global Web Index. It gives you crucial information on the key trends and which platforms are performing best. You can see breakdowns according to age, location, and more. Of course, this is a general approach and you should make use of your own company’s insights to help guide you. Not all companies are the same.

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