Keeping wallets classy and protected against modern chip threats


Your wallet is probably one of the most important things that you carry around with you on a daily basis. Depending on how much you trust you r wallet, you carry a number of very important items in it ranging from money to documents and cards of different kinds. However, many people are afraid to use wallets because they don’t find them secure anymore. That’s where Ibricraft comes in, as it puts an offer you can’t refuse on the table.

RFID secure wallets

The wallet is usually where most people choose to store their credit cards. The thing about credit cards today is that they come with a magnetic band that allows the user to simply bring the card close to a scanner in order to complete a purchase. There’s no swiping or inserting involved, and that’s pretty neat. It also poses a serious concern for the user’s security as many scammers and thieves are using this modern technology to their advantage. You can get valuable information off such cards by simply walking with a scanner in hand near an unsuspecting victim. RFID secure wallets are the optimal response ot this threat as they block the scanner’s capability of reading information off the card.

Ibricraft hones its skill in providing the best selection of such wallets which aim to keep the user’s pockets secure and full until they choose to go spending of their own accord.

Staying classy

There’s no reasons why efficiency and aesthetics can’t work together. That’s the mentality behind Ibricraft’s working etiquette and so its selection of wallets comes with classy and aesthetically pleasing designs. Ibricraft puts a lot of emphasis on leather crafting and always works on improving its resolve in this department. As a direct result, the leatherworking on Ibricraft wallets is exquisite and is sure to please.

There are several types of leathers and patterns used for the Ibricraft wallet selection, ranging from oiling coating and full grain all the way to cross grain. This gives the consumer all the liberty they need in selecting the kind of wallet that will suit their style best from both a practical and aesthetical perspective.

Today, you don’t need to choose between staying protected and staying classy. The best of both worlds can be found in products that provide and high level of quality. If you are using RFID enabled credit cards or cards of any type, you are going to need to make sure that you are completely protected. There’s no reason why you wouldn’t take this opportunity to get something that will compliment your overall appearance and give you a plus of style.