The Latest Resource For Supercharging Your Resume

Are you one of the 59% that use Microsoft Word to create and update your resume?  In that same June, 2016 survey, it was also found that one third of us consider writing or updating their resume their least favorite part of the job search.  So it’s probably of interest to you to know that Microsoft has partnered with design company MOO and career expert Maxie McCoy to create a package of resources that will help your resume, and you, stand out to potential recruiters and employers.

And they don’t just want to help with your resume.  There’s also other resources, inspiration, and advice that’s been artfully assembled.  Further, it’s free.

The above-mentioned survey produced such clear results that Microsoft wanted to act on them in a way that would really make a difference for job seekers.  This amazing resource is going live July 18 at 9 a.m. Pacific Time.  No, quantities aren’t limited, but you’ll want to get moving so that you can be among the first to benefit from some of their stated goals of helping you:

  • Land a job in hot markets like New York, San Francisco, and Seattle.
  • Find work that is rewarding, meaningful, and allows for life balance.
  • Design a show-stopping resume.
  • Have an unforgettable Skype interview.
  • Create blog posts and a portfolio in the digital storytelling app Sway

And did I mention that it’s free?

At the end of this post there’s a couple of cheat sheets that are part of the available resources.  And here are the links to the resources:

How To Land Your Dream Job (Main Site)

How to Design A Show-Stopping Resume

How to Have an Unforgettable Skype Interview

In the competitive job market out there, you need every edge you can get to make yourself shine for the recruiter and memorable to those who interview you.  While it’s still up to you to perform at your peak throughout the process, these resources are sure to help.

Oh, yeah, did I remember to tell you that it’s free?

You can find more career advice and inspiration from Maxie at   You can also Tweet their team @Office and @Skype and use the hashtag, #dreamjob – they’d love to hear what you think.


Skype Cheat SheetResume Cheat Sheet

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