Lighting Ideas for New Offices

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Lighting up your workspace properly is super important. Not only do you need to ensure there’s sufficient light to be able to see your screen properly, it has also got to be comfortable enough to be able to spend long periods in there. On top of all these concerns, there’s also the fact that you need your office to be looking great for both those who work there and any visitors. With all this to juggle, here are some lighting ideas to get you feeling inspired:

Use Lighting Controls to Create Mood and Productivity

Remember the days of stark florescent lighting in the office? Thankfully, advances in both technology and lighting innovations have made that a thing of the past. It’s well documented that lighting can affect mood and productivity. What’s more, using a dmx controller allows control of both the color of the light and the brightness.

You’ve experienced the effects of this many times, whether going to a theatrical presentation, a jewelry store, just driving down the road facing those blinding white oncoming headlights. Your workspace is home for several hours each workday, so getting the lighting right is critical.

Desk lamps

One of the best sources of light to have in an office is a desk lamp so you can target the light to focus on particular areas. With there being such an amazing array of desk lamps available you’ll be able to find the perfect ones for you whatever your color scheme or style. From minimalist styles to classic designs, a desk lamp is particularly important for those who do a lot of close work such as graphics and need a bright light for working in the evenings.

Floor lamps


Floor lamps are the best way to light up a whole area of a room and can look really stylish when positioned in a corner. They’re a great way to work with the natural light, especially in an afternoon when it might still be a little too light for the main light. There’s a huge variety of different shapes and styles when it comes to floor lamps depending on the type of office ambience you’re looking to create and they really help to make an office space feel homelier and less corporate.

Don’t Forget the Natural Light of Windows

One of the best lighting sources in an office is definitely a large window. Positioning your laptop or computer in front of a window means that there’s a decent amount of natural light for you to work with and ventilation. A supply of fresh air is always great in an office as it can be hard to concentrate properly if it’s too stuffy. Great ventilation in an office is also important from a safety point of view so make sure that you have adequate smoke ventilation, like the ones available at Rocburn should there be a fire risk.

There are so many different lighting ideas to choose from when it comes to brightening up your office space that it can be tricky deciding on the right ones. By following these tips and integrating all four you’ll be sure to create a light and airy office space perfect for spending hours in.

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