How To Make Your Home Office Work With Limited Space

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So you’ve decided you’re going to set up a home office.  But the reality of your living space is that there just isn’t a lot of room to create it.  How do you put a home office together in limited space that will work?  Here are some tips to assembling a home office that is functional, comfortable, and doesn’t invade the rest of your non-working world.

Planning Your Tiny Home Office is Crucial

When you’ve got an extra room to use, putting together a home office is easy.  You don’t have to be as mindful to how it all fits together and how big one thing is relative to another.  But when space is at a premium, it’s a good idea to ask yourself some questions before you even start.

  • What kind of furniture is essential and will fit my available space?
  • Which pieces of office equipment do I really need and which can I do without?
  • What kind of work flow requirements do I have?  Is my work more physical or digital?

The key is to think with a minimalist mind from the outset.  Do you really need a printer?  How many shelves are essential to hold only what I actually use and not a bunch of dust collectors?

Little Doesn’t Mean Less

In today’s world, there are digital nomads who carry their entire “office” within their laptop, or even notepad.  So with that in mind, remember that you’ve got a lot more space than that!

Here’s an example of a home office that is entirely contained in a closet.  Add a folding chair and the entire office is out of traffic.  And, it’s even the sought-after “window office!”

closet office home office


There’s No Room For A Stock Room

One of the most common things that people do when first setting up a home office is to run out and get a ton of supplies.  Stop!  You’re not at your employers workplace anymore!

First of all, that case of paper clips you bought is going to last about . . . forever.  So beyond the fact that you’ll never use that much is the reality that you’re wasting precious space storing it for the next 10 years.  (Confession:  Yes, I have paper clips that I purchased 10 years ago!)

Instead, get used to keeping just what you’ll use in 3 to 6 months on hand.  Find and bookmark your favorite online supplier, like office supplies London,  Then when you notice something running low, simply place an order and have it delivered.  You’re not only saving space, but also saving the gas and time of a trip to the store.

Putting together a home office when you only have a tiny bit of space doesn’t mean you have to end up cramped and doing without what you actually need.  With a little forethought and some creativity, you can end up with a perfect mini office that will get an endless run of compliments.  And a space you’ll look forward to “heading off to the office!”


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