Making Your Store More Attractive

store design

For many women, organizing and decorating is something that brings more fulfillment than frustration. But for those who would much rather be spending their time working on their business rather than making their store look enticing, it can be a challenge to find the desire to design a great looking retail store as well as find the know-how to use effective tactics. When you find yourself in this situation, use these three tips to help make your retail store more attractive to your customers by employing the most recent trends and design principles.  

store design

Working With Windows

Before people even make it into your store, no matter what they’re shopping for, they’re going to have their first impression made by looking through the front windows. Whether you have traditional window display space or not doesn’t really matter—it’s all about getting passersby to come in, regardless of how you do it. According to Roy Rochberg, a contributor to, it’s best to use your window displays as a way to create interest in your store and entice impulse buyers to venture in. So if you have a jewelry store, for example, you’ll want to set up your window displays or showcase certain products easily through your windows, to attract more customers into your establishment.

store design

Hiring the Right Help

Having a good looking store isn’t the only thing that’s going to inspire people to shop with you. According to Bob Phibbs of, hiring the right employees can make or break the experience customers have with your store. When your employees are happy and well trained on how to interact with customers and answer questions regarding products and services, it makes your customers more likely to reenter your store in the future. The experience for customers will always be better in stores where they feel knowledge and positivity can be shared between themselves and those who are the face of your business.

Creating An Unforgettable Atmosphere

While setting up your store in a logical and intuitive way will be a major benefit to shoppers, people come into retail stores because they want to experience the atmosphere you’re able to create there. Almost anything can be bought online now, so it’s vital that you give your customers something extra if you plan to have a success brick and mortar store.

Store Design Importance

store design

According to Paul Nugent, a contributor to, a store can create an unforgettable atmosphere by keeping their space clean of clutter, having clearly defined zones within the store, installing bright lighting, and using statement pieces like flooring and point of purchase displays to give your establishment individuality. By doing these things and more to improve the atmosphere of your store, you will find that your customers go to you for more than just your products or services, creating an even more loyal customer base.

Without an attractive and enticing retail store, many store owners may find themselves as part of the statistic of business owners who go under in the first year. Use the tips mentioned above to give your retail store a facelift and beat the odds once and for all.


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