Manchester City Airport: Your Starting Point for a One-Day Tour of the Best Things to Do in the Region

England is a European country that receives many visitors every year, all year round. Its capital, London, is the city that gets the most hype, which of course comes as no surprise since it is an international business hub and is full of iconic and long-standing attractions. Another English city that receives much love and attention is Manchester. The city itself is captivating, but today we want to let you know about the treasures on its outskirts. Once you get to Manchester Airport, you can start an unforgettable one-day tour in this underrated region.

Manchester Airport Parking

Reaching and parking at Manchester Airport is a pretty straightforward procedure. However, choosing the best parking option from the multitude of available services can be a challenge. The booking website simplifies matters for travellers, as they can view, compare, and assess the services offered by the airport’s parking facilities. It is important to note that all kinds of requirements and budgets are met. To be more specific, there are options for people who wish for ultimate time-saving and luxury-feel services with valet parking or car parks very close to the terminals, and for those in search of cost-effective solutions whether they need a space for a few hours or multiple days. 

Exiting Manchester Airport

Now what is the best way to exit Manchester Airport? It depends on your travel preferences and budget. Again, the airport provides a variety of modes of transport so that each individual or group can choose the ideal one for them. Buses come and go, making frequent stops throughout their routes. You can even find coaches, connecting Manchester Airport with major cities in England. Some hotels offer shuttle buses for their clients, ensuring a smooth travel experience. Lastly, it is worth mentioning that travellers are given the opportunity to pick up a vehicle, by hiring it from an airport or an off-site car hire company. 

Best Things to Do in the Manchester Airport Region

Let the travel adventure start at the first moment you reach Manchester Airport. A couple of things that you shouldn’t miss are: 

● Manchester City

Exploring the cosmopolitan city of Manchester is something that all travel enthusiasts should do once in their lifetime. Taking a tour of the Imperial War Museum North, admiring the Manchester Cathedral, learning everything about Europe’s top sport at the National Football Museum, and strolling along the Castlefield Canals are unmissable experiences. 

● Lymm

If a quiet and peaceful place is more to your liking, you should head towards Lymm. Lymm is an English village that will help you recharge and enjoy a relaxed pace of life. Go for a walk along Lymm Dam, examine the Lymm Cross, and visit the historic St Mary’s Church. 

Depending on your preferences and needs, the area surrounding Manchester Airport offers diverse attractions and experiences for visitors of all tastes. You can get more information about how and where to go from the Manchester Airport website.