Mark West California Pinot Noir

Summer is the perfect time to expand your wine palate, and while the season is usually reserved for crisp whites, a fruity Pinot Noir might be the wine you’ve been waiting for!

Mark West Wines specialized in Pinot Noir, so it’s no surprise that they created a highly drinkable Pinot perfect for those just starting to explore the world of red wine. With fruit flavors front and center, those enjoying this pinot can expect a slightly spicy and light drinking experience.

My favorite thing about trying new wines is finding the perfect food to pair with them. I knew this would be a light and fruit wine, so I wanted to compliment that with a fresh and light selection. I paired my glass with a Caprese salad with fresh basil picked right from my little urban garden. Because this wine is light bodied, it paired easily with this light and fresh summer snack.  The sweetness of the basil worked perfectly with the berry notes in the pinot.

Is Mark West Pinot for You?


Perfect introduction for a new red wine drinker

Light and fruity

Pairs well with a range of foods, from salmon to rich red meat



Experienced Pinot drinkers might find the body a bit weak

Semi-acidic for a Pinot

Overall, if you’re looking for a light red wine to enjoy on your balcony after a long week, Mark West Pinot Noir will absolutely do the trick! While you can drink pinot any time of year, it was a refreshing treat during a hot summer night. Just be sure to drink responsibly, as it’s easy to pour glass after glass of this delish taste of California wine country.

Where Can You Get It?

Visit Mark West Wines to use their store locator to find the closest place where this gem is stocked. Also, if you’re a creature of habit and would prefer a crisp white, Mark West also makes an excellent Chardonnay. If you can’t decide, pick up both next time you’re perusing the wine aisles!


Savannah Hemmings

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